The Apprentice 2014 engulfed in Skeletongate row

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The Apprentice 2014 has found itself involved in a controversy not seen on reality telly since THAT episode of the Great British Bake Off earlier this year.

So called Skeleton-gate erupted this evening following the latest task where the remaining candidates were given the traditional negotiation task.

They had to acquire all nine items on Lord Sugar's list for the lowest possible price, but one team tried to out smart Lord Sugar.

The latest Apprentice 2014 results saw Felipe Alviar-Baquero ditched after he tried a cost saving tactic with one item, an anatomically correct, full size human skeleton.

While the rival team paid out for a fully built medical aid, Felipe took a gamble with a paper model.

It was unbuilt, coming in a flat pack kit, but promised to be anatomically correct and of the correct size too.

But Lord Sugar was having none of it, declaring: "Felipe, this particular task was a kind of attempt to try and prove to me some tactical piece of genius. And I don’t think it’s a tactical piece of genius. It’s a mixture between what you think you are, an entrepreneur, and a lawyer."

With the group being fined the full cost for the skeleton, they lost the task but many disagreed with the decision and accused Lord Sugar of using it as an excuse to fix the result.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "I am so cross! Any credibility that this show once had has just been wiped out by an oversized ego @Lord_Sugar #skeletongate #apprentice"

Danny Hague ‏added: "Justice for Felipe #Skeletongate"

Others were less sympathetic, with Matt Miller writing: "Sometimes you pay the price for rolling the dice- Filipe #skeletongate #TheAppprentice"

Lord Sugar responded to the criticism, saying that the "the spec said fully assembled".

However the specification as seen on screen read only "Full sized anatomical Skeleton. Minimum: 150cm tall."

Tell us what you make of it all below!

The Apprentice continues Wednesday nights on BBC One.

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