The Apprentice 2014 results: Who was fired? Felipe Alviar-Baquero AXED!

Who left in tonight's Apprentice 2014 results

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Felipe Alviar-Baquero left The Apprentice 2014 boardroom in tonight's results as another candidate was fired.

This evening's show was the traditional negotiation task, with the two teams given a list of nine items to acquire at the lowest possible prices.

Team Tenacity led by Daniel secured all the items but were fined for bringing back the wrong skeleton and the length of their old rope, making for a total of £709.59

Team Summit led by Sanjay were fined for not buying a kosher chicken and a late arrival at the boardroom, spending in total £644.97

After losing, Daniel decided to bring back Felipe and Katie into the boardroom.

After debating who was responsible for the failure of the task, Lord Sugar gave each of the three his views.

“Katie, you certainly have shown some common sense in the last nine weeks. Common sense is nice, but it’s not the criteria of a great business partner," he began.

The boss continued: "Felipe, this particular task was a kind of attempt to try and prove to me some tactical piece of genius. And I don’t think it’s a tactical piece of genius. It’s a mixture between what you think you are, an entrepreneur, and a lawyer.

"Daniel, you have got that spirit about you, and you’ve shown me that you’ve learnt, but four times here – how many more times can I give you a warning? Have I had it with you, is this the end of the road?"

Making his decision, Lord Sugar said: "This is very difficult, but I’m going to make a decision which I’m possibly, I may be sorry for – you know what Katie, I’m going to send you back to the house today.

"Daniel, how many more times can I give you a warning? You bring the team in that got all the items, and yet it crashed completely with a person who you let dupe you. He’s made a very, very big error in my opinion in trying to be too much of a smart person.

"Felipe, you fought your corner – but Judge Sugar here says ‘its failed.’ The Supreme Court Judge Sugar also says ‘its failed.’ Felipe, you’re fired.”

Lord Sugar then had a final word for Daniel: “You know I can get rid of people when I fancy – simply on the basis I think we’ve achieved something here with you in the last nine weeks, go back to the house.”

The Apprentice 2014 continues next Wednesday night on BBC One.

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