The Apprentice 2014 candidates are a bit rubbish, Nick Hewer admits

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The Apprentice candidates really aren't our best business brains, Nick Hewer has confessed.

Lord Sugar's right hand man on the series has confessed that the TV show will only ever attract a certain type of person and that's it not really suited to the most talented.

He told the Radio Times this week: "I'm not saying they are necessarily the brightest business brains in Britain, because the danger there would be that, first of all, those kind of people wouldn't have the confidence to withstand the white-hot heat of this process, and secondly that nine million people might not actually understand them."

But Nick revealed that Lord Sugar has his ways of sorting out the fame chasing wannabes from those who really want to kickstart a business... and he's got the bruises to prove it!

Discussing the boardroom, Nick explained: "I have to be aware that Sugar might be using one of his clever cross-examining tactics with contestants and if I say the wrong thing, I can get a very sharp knock on the ankle when he wants me to shut up.

“The atmosphere in there is like being in a cauldron.

“There are no scripts and no retakes. It’s really honest and we are proud of it.”

Meanwhile, the PR guru said that he felt X Factor boss Simon Cowell would do well on The Apprentice.

“Simon Cowell brings great authority to his show," Nick suggested. "When I watched some of the auditions I actually thought it was a bit cruel, bringing people in to laugh at them.

“But Simon has the business acumen, the confidence, is very bright, and would do okay on The Apprentice.”

The Apprentice airs Wednesday nights on BBC One.