The Apprentice 2014 results: THREE leave in shock boardroom bloodbath

See who left The Apprentice 2014 tonight

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Three candidates have left The Apprentice 2014 in tonight's results in a bloodbath boardroom.

Ella Jade Bitton, Sarah Dales and Steven Ugoalah were all axed by Lord Sugar after the remaining candidates were tasked with coming up with YouTube channels.

Solomon Akhtar had led team Summit to victory, albeit by a very narrow margin of just over 200 views.

Team Tenacity PM Ella Jade brought Sarah and Steven back to the boardroom with her, and Lord Sugar ended up firing all three.

First, Lord Sugar quizzd Ella Jade about her experience of the real world of business before moving onto Sarah and asking her why she thinks she’s ignored on tasks. After an argument between the girls, he moved onto Steven who passionately attacked Ella Jade’s management of the task – while Ella Jade described him as “Jekyll and Hyde.”

Steven defended his passion and pleaded with Lord Sugar to allow him to manage the next task.

Lord Sugar replied: “Steven, you’re not going to be the next Project Manager because I think you are a lost cause in this process. Steven, You’re Fired.”

He then told Sarah: “Sarah, there is no smoke without fire. Why they always make you the time keeper is because people don’t have much confidence in you, and if people don’t have much confidence in you, I’m wondering why I should have confidence in you as a business partner. Sarah, You’re Fired.”

Finally, he said to Ella Jade: “I gotta get on with this process, with the candidates, some very, very good candidates, that are left. Let’s get rid of the no-hopers… No chance... Don’t waste my time.”

Despite repeated desperate pleas and interruptions from Ella Jade, even after she had been fired, Lord Sugar continued: “The thing is, I’m afraid to say, you do not have the acumen for this. Ella, You’re Fired. No, I’m sorry, you are fired... I wish you well… I’ve made my decision, OK, You’re Fired.”

After Ella Jade FINALLY left, the boss concluded: “I’ve been in business long enough now to work out the people that had no chance of becoming my business partner and those three certainly had no chance.”

The Apprentice 2014 continues next Wednesday night on BBC One.

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