The Apprentice 2014 candidates 'get fame hungry' says Nick Hewer

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The Apprentice star Nick Hewer reckons candidates on the show run the risk of becoming fame hungry.

Following the antics of past candidates such as Luisa Zissman and Katie Hopkins in the media over the past year, Nick revealed he's seen contestants on the show turn into divas.

“I think what happens is people go into the Apprentice for the right reasons, and then they go through the process and become famous," he explained. “Suddenly they think they’re Brad Pitt, that’s the danger. It can go into the wrong direction, people’s heads get turned. People can get above themselves.

“You watch them ignoring people in the street or being curt and it’s not right. You’ve got to be able to take the mickey out of yourself.”

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper about the BBC One series, the PR guru added that he had no plans to quit as Lord Suagr's on-screen aide.

“We’re going into year 10 and there’s no sign of it slowing down," Nick told the tabloid. “I don’t think we should tinker with the show too much.

“If you can try to find the show’s magic and take it elsewhere you’ll make a fortune, they’ve all tried it, with Great British Bake Off. Alan Sugar either isn’t going anywhere he adores the show.”

The Apprentice 2014 will air in the autumn on BBC One.