The Apprentice 2013 results: Jordan Poulton hits out at "unprofessional" show

The Apprentice 2013

Fired Apprentice 20113 candidate Jordan Poulton has hit out at the show, branding it "unprofessional".

Last night saw the business wannabe bow out of the competition at the penultimate stage, after a series of tough interviews.

Jordan came under attack for his business plan which included a second partner, and was about a business he didn't even own any shares in.

“You’ve got no right to be here because you are feeding on somebody else’s idea, somebody else’s business. You are a parasite," Claude Littner told him.

However Jordan hit back today: “It’s always going to hurt to be called that sort of thing, whether it’s in private or in public.

“I understand the meaning of what Claude was trying to say, I just disagree with the delivery. His manner and the language he used was quite unprofessional.”

He continued to also complain about Karren Brady for her comments about his work ethic, telling The Sun: “I thought Karren was really unfair. I took my opportunities when they were presented to me and I was a team player when it was appropriate as well.”

And Jordan claimed TV bosses were trying to make him look silly after calling his bluff on his CV claim of being able to solve a Rubik's cube in three minutes.

“It was almost written in the stars that I wasn’t going to complete it – the producers thought it would make good TV and make me look silly," he told The Sun newspaper.

Leah Totton and Luisa Zissman went on to make the final in the show, which airs next Wednesday at 8PM on BBC One.

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