The Apprentice 2013 results: Neil Clough exits after interviews


Neil Clough has become the second candidate to drop out of The Apprentice 2013 in tonight's results.

Tonight saw the final five pitch their business plans to Claude Littner, publisher Mike Soutar, media mogul Claudine Collins and Lord Sugar’s trusted confidante Margaret Mountford, before heading back to the boardroom.

Earlier, Lord Sugar fired Jordan Poulton, leaving Neil to become the next candidate to have his business idea scrutinised.

“Neil, I’m going to be very very honest with you here… very, very honest, because I think you all deserve me to be honest with you at this late stage in the process. I am bitterly disappointed with your business proposal," Lord Sugar told him. "Now, I know that 10 weeks ago, when I first met you, I think I just flipped through all of you very, very quickly, what’s your idea… what’s your idea…what’s your idea... And you said something about estate agents. But it don’t work and I’m shocked.

"I tell you, I am totally, absolutely shocked, because if I didn’t care about you, if I didn’t think you were any good, I couldn’t care less to be honest.”

With Neil adamant that his idea would work, Lord Sugar tried to explain to Neil that this plan doesn’t work in his eyes: “Me, I would not have a bat in hell’s chance of starting from scratch in this business. There… that’s how good it is.

"It’s sickening for me to sit here and think that someone that has been as powerful as you, ends up… the right man, you know, but with the wrong plan. It’s disheartening from me, and you won’t move away f

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