The Apprentice 2013: Neil Clough struggles with 'non starter' business plan

The Apprentice 2013

The Apprentice 2013 favourite Neil Clough struggles in tonight's show, as the final five go through the tough interview process.

Neil’s business plan for an online estate agency business, where vendors do their own viewings and all other necessary processes online, is challenged right from the start in his interview with Claude.

Lord Sugar’s aide explains his doubts, stating “You’ve been in sales and so you probably can sell your house. Many people do not have that kind of skill. You’ve got to market’ve got to set the’ve got to negotiate afterwards.”

Neil says that he takes Claude’s comments on board, but manages to make things worse for himself when he states that his business plan doesn’t just focus on owners selling their own houses. “My business plan is actually to compete as a national online estate agency and to get estate agents to advertise their properties on my website.”

Claude tells him that he “doesn’t have a chance” and “the market is full,” but Neil refuses to back down.

Also in for a tongue-lashing from no nonsense Claude is Jordan, whose idea for an online platform that allows hobbyists or big brands to create mobile games is brought into question when the interviewers discover that Jordan has an existing business partner. M

ike Soutar queries him on his plan, asking “Isn’t your business partner the brains behind it? It sounds like he brings the real value to the business.” Jordan responds “He makes the product but without Steve Jobs there wouldn’t have been Steve Wozniak.”

Jordan is grilled even further by Claude, who points out that Jordan is only prepared to offer an equity stake smaller than the required 50%. Claude is furious with the young entrepreneur, stating “You’ve got no right to be here, because you are feeding on somebody else’s idea, somebody else’s business, you are a parasite.”

Jordan is also questioned by Mike Soutar on his boast that he could complete a Rubik’s cube in under three minutes. When Jordan is given a Rubik’s cube to prove his claim, will he hold his nerve?

The Apprentice 2013 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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