The Apprentice 2013 results: Who was fired? Myles Mordaunt gets the axe

The Apprentice - S9 - Ep 10 -  Fired Candidate - Embargoed 22.01pm 3rd July

Myles Mordaunt became the next unlucky Apprentice 2013 candidate to get fired in tonight's boardroom battle.

After being split into boys and girls, the teams were given £150 in startup cash to buy stock and open new shops, with Lord Sugar telling them to “smell what sells”.

After listening to the teams thoughts on how the task went and discussing the different strategy each employed; high volume, low cost fashion for the girls and lower quantities of ‘medium-ticket’ priced home-ware for the boys - Nick and Karren revealed the all important results.

The boys’ team Endeavour finished with £298.83 cash in hand and £251.43 value of stock, resulting in £550.26 of total assets.

The girls’ team Evolve finished with £393.50 cash in hand and £415.55 value of stock, resulting in £809.05 of total assets.

With the girls off on their treat, Lord Sugar discussed which factors resulted in the failure of the task, from choosing higher-priced products to sell at a market to the actual products themselves, including Endeavour’s last minute decision to invest in a high-value ceramic vase for a one-off ‘task-winning’ sale.

The Apprentice - S9 - Ep 10 -  Neil Clough, Myles Mordaunt and Jordan Poulton - Embargoed 22.01pm 3rd  July

Finally, after discussing each of the three candidates’ performance with Nick and Karren and asking the candidates why they should stay in the process, Lord Sugar delivered his final verdict:

“Jordan, I’ve been around for a long time as you know in business, and I’m not too clear what you’re talking about to be honest with you.

"Neil, you’re certainly very self-complimentary about all the things that you’ve done, and it’s that determination, maybe, that makes you admirable. But I do have this concern that your limitation is to sales.

"And Myles, I don’t know whether your past history is really up my alley and the kind of business that I want to be in to be honest. Marketing, expensive brands and all this type of stuff – we are in a recession, in a world recession, and I’m not sure whether that’s the kind of business that I want to be in."

Lord Sugar concluded: I’ve got to make a very serious decision here. It’s my investment, and I need to be clear who I’m investing with.

"And so Jordan, I haven’t got a bloody clue what you are talking about, but I want to think about this a little bit longer.

"Myles, I’m not sure what your expertise is, and this is simply from a gut feeling, I’m not sure on you either, and for that reason, I have to say that Myles, you’re fired.”

As Myles left in the black cab, he reflected on his time in the process: “I’m definitely disappointed to be going home, but you know. I think the standard’s high. I think Lord Sugar saw more in the other two than he did in me. You know, I’m philosophical, take it on the chin and crack on.”

Five candidates remain – who will be the next to hear the infamous words “You’re Fired?”

The Apprentice 2013 continues next Wednesday night at 9PM on BBC One.

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