Apprentice 2013 results: Alex Mills claims Leah Totton should've been fired

Alex Mills (The Apprentice 2013)

Axed Apprentice 2013 candidate Alex Mills has hit out at fellow candidate Leah Totton.

Alex became the latest victim of the boardroom in last night's Apprentice 2013 results, following a task to make ready meals.

Alex returned to the boardroom alongside Leah and Myles Mordaunt, before Lord Sugar booted him "with regret".

But Alex reckons Leah should've gone, even if he didn't originally want to bring her back into the boardroom.

“Leah is clearly an academic person — she is about learning to do something and doing it. But I am much more of an entrepreneur," he said today. "And I’m not going to let a lack of legal experience hold me back. Richard Branson went off and made spaceships, but he doesn’t know how to fly them.

“I’ll be like him — I’ll go off and find the people with the expertise and pull those people together to create something in a structured investigation.

“Medical professionals such as Leah are very one-track minded. They never really get a real world view of how the public and businesses interact.”

Speaking to The Sun newspaper today after his exit, Alex insisted he had no regrets about his time on the show.

He added: “I am pretty pleased Lord Sugar has conviction in me and I’m looking forward to proving him right in the future.”

The Apprentice 2013 continues Wednesday nights on BBC One.

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