The Apprentice 2013: Luisa Zissman tries to become a Lady!

Luisa Zissman (The Apprentice 2013)

The Apprentice 2013 wannabe Luisa Zissman has apparently been trying to make a name for herself with a title bought off Ebay.

According to the Daily Mirror, Luisa's former husband - who she still lives with - purchased her a the fake title of Lazy Zissman as a joke for the bargain price of £29.

But despite the papers being worthless and nothing more than a certificate printed for a laugh, Luisa is said to be using her fake title to try and wangle upgrades from airlines and other freebies.

“When Luisa married Oliver he bought her the title for a bit of a laugh," a supposed source told the newspaper. "He knows she can act like a princess and has diva demands, so he thought it would be quite funny.

"Luisa put the title on her travel club cards. I think she hoped she would get upgraded to first class when she flies.

“It is a very Luisa thing to do. She loves the idea of increasing her status. It’s come in quite handy for business transactions.”

Luisa, who will be seen competing in tomorrow night's latest task to brand a new ready meal, has also been accused of paying to have 'embarrassing' photos and links removed from Google.

The Apprentice airs on Wednesday night on BBC One.

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