The Apprentice 2013: Everyone's talking about Alex Mills' eyebrows

Alex Mills (The Apprentice 2013)

Alex Mills' eyebrows are as much a talking point amongst The Apprentice 2013 candidates as they are with us viewers.

We've found it hard to focus on anything else when Alex and his Dracula inspired eyebrows are on screen.

And axed candidate Kurt Wilson admitted that Alex's unique look had sparked quite a few conversations between the group both in between tasks and during the challenges.

But fortunately, Alex takes all the jibes and comments in good humour.

Speaking after his axe, Kurt revealed: "The eyebrows were definitely a talking point.

"We all had a laugh, and he had a laugh about them. So yeah, everyone thought it was funny and, to be fair, he takes banter very well. He takes it and he gives it back.

"You can see that in the television programme he's not shy about giving other people a bit of banter and taking it."

Speaking after his exit in last week's double firing, Kurt told DigitalSpy: "Alex is a great guy. I enjoy spending time with him. He's funny. His one-liners are hilarious - he doesn't think of them either, they are literally off the cuff when he comes out with them.

"I don't think he realises at the time how funny the things that he says are. So it would be good when everything is done and finished to go for a pint with him. I can just imagine it just accelerates when he's had a few drinks."

The Apprentice continues on Wednesday night on BBC One.

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