The Apprentice 2013 results: Kurt Wilson, Natalie Panayi leave in double firing!

Natalie Panayi (The Apprentice 2013)

Kurt Wilson and Natalie Panayi have BOTH been fired after a shock outcome in tonight's The Apprentice 2013 results.

This evening's show saw the ten remaining candidates have to sell, sell, sell as Lord Sugar sent them to a caravanning exhibition in Birmingham.

Kurt took charge of Team Endeavour while Neil Clough swapped teams to become PM on Team Evolve.

Both teams had to select which products to sell, which had to include two low cost accessories and one high ticket item.

In the boardroom, the results were clear.

Endeavour sold £1,479 of its lower-value accessories (the foldable chair and the boat roofbox), but made no sales on the retro camper. Total sales therefore amounted to £1,479.

Evolve sold £3,116 of its lower-value accessories (the electric bike and the children’s camping box kit), and sold 3 of the collapsible campers, to a sum of £30,499. Total sales therefore amounted to £33,615.

Evolve claimed an undisputable win, (on accessory sales alone as Karren Brady pointed out).

After Lord Sugar’s discussion with Team Endeavour, Project Manager Kurt decided to bring back Natalie and Alex into the boardroom with him, where Lord Sugar delivered his verdict:

The Apprentice S9 - Ep 7 -  Natalie Panayi, Kurt Wilson, Alex Mills - Embargoed 22.01pm 12th June

“Alex, you have performed reasonably well up until now, but this task failed because of the product and I think that you had a lot to do with choosing it for the wrong reason. And that is absolutely fatal, a fatal error in business generally," the boss said.

He continued: "Kurt, I admire your honesty. You know, that you do admit that it was the wrong product and you admit that you got it wrong as far as that’s concerned.

"I’m concerned about you Natalie, that you are here on this third occasion. But Kurt, you messed up on this task, OK. Kurt, you’re fired.

"Alex, I have to think about my £250,000 investment, and am I going to invest it with somebody who maybe is a little bit too young and irresponsible, because this is a very cruel process.

"And Natalie, it’s possible that Kurt might have been tactical in bringing you back in here, but on the other hand, you’ve had a hell of a lot of chances in this process. And you haven’t proved yourself to me at all. Natalie, you’re fired.”

Speaking after her exit, Natalie said: “It is upsetting me that Kurt brought me in tactically and that it had nothing to do with the task, but you know, I should have shone and shown Lord Sugar what I was about.

Kurt added: “I’m OK, I mean I’m upset obviously that we lost the task, but in a way I knew the risk I was taking and I lost.”

Eight candidates remain – who will be the next to hear the infamous words “You’re Fired?”

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