The Apprentice 2013 spoilers: Candidates told to sell or risk the axe

The Apprentice 2013

This evening's Apprentice sees the ten remaining candidates having to prove they can sell.

And this year, Lord Sugar has given the group a tough challenge by sending them to a caravan exhibition.

The teams must pick products to sell at the event before making as much money as possible in just a day.

Ahead of the task, Neil moves over to Team Evolve to balance the teams before they choose a Project Manager. Kurt and Alex both put themselves forward to project manage Team Endeavour but Kurt is chosen because of his previous experience of caravanning holidays with his family. Neil is chosen to project manage Team Evolve.

The teams travel up to Birmingham where both Evolve and Endeavour split into sub-teams. Half test out accessories to sell from their stall at the Motorhomes and Caravan Show and the rest research luxury, high value items before picking one to sell to the public the following day.

After trialling a range of accessories including a foldable chair, a roofbox that turns into a boat, a novelty plant-pot barbeque and an electric bike, the teams must then pitch to the respective product designers in order to secure two products to sell at the trade show.

The suppliers can only provide stock for one team at the exhibition. Evolve and Endeavour must each use their powers of persuasion to ensure their preferred suppliers select them. For Endeavour, Myles leads with enthusiastic pitches all round, but his up-beat manner becomes a little too much for Nick Hewer, who observes: “Myles, how enthusiastic. So much so, that I felt nauseated.”

In the end, both teams pick the same two products as their top choices. Has Myles’ enthusiasm spoiled his chances for Endeavour or is Nick Hewer in for a surprise?

The other half of the teams are sent to research the ‘high-ticket’ caravans and campers available at the trade show. Before deciding on the high-value items they want to sell to the public the following day, they must give due consideration to price and market demand. Evolve’s Project Manager Neil and Jason call through to the sub-team to discuss their market research and thoughts on the high-value campervans they have seen.

Neil explains: “The folding camper, which initially we thought wasn’t going to be the best option, is actually the one that’s sold the most. The retro camper was my favourite, but to be honest it’s very, very young, and it didn’t look quite right for us in terms of the target market.”

Luisa replies: “I think it’s a no-brainer Neil,” with the whole team deciding on the collapsible camper as their best sales option.

Meanwhile Kurt and Alex are impressed by the top-price bespoke retro camper as their high-ticket item. Alex muses about the folding camper: “It’s whether or not the over 50’s and over 60’s are going to want something that’s all this kind of hassle of folding it up. That’s my concern. The reason I’m thinking of going for the retro camper is that it’s totally bespoke, made to you.” Project Manager Kurt agrees, adding “It’s more of a gamble but if we sell one of them for £17,000 I think we’ll win the task.”

Will Endeavour’s high-risk strategy pay-off, or will Evolve’s choice see them pitch-up for a win in the boardroom?

At the end of the trade show, the candidates must return to the boardroom to find out which team motored ahead on the caravan challenge and who on the losing team, will be on the receiving end of the two words no candidate wants to hear - “You’re Fired.”

The Apprentice 2013 airs tonight on BBC One.

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