The Apprentice 2013 final: Luisa Zissman gets death threats

Luisa Zissman (The Apprentice 2013)

The Apprentice 2013 candidate Luisa Zissman has been the target of death threats.

Friends of the cup cake shop owner claimed that she's even been targeted by harassing letters at work.

One pal revealed: "Luisa had a nasty letter sent to her work place and the basic gist was that the person who had written it wanted her dad. Luckily, a colleague opened it before she got a look.

"Although they told her not to read it, she knows what it said."

They added: "She shrugged it off and has said she doesn't care what people say about her, but you can tell deep down she's unnerved by it.

For now, Luisa has been advised by the police to keep a 'low profile', and has returned to living with her ex husband, Oliver, which we're sure isn't at all awkward.

However one insider suggested that 'fame hungry' Luisa was loving all the attention, good and bad.

A source claimed to Reveal magazine this month: "In a weird way, she does seem to be enjoying the attention.

"Every one knows she has gone on the show for the sake of fame, so it's likely that she's just happy knowing people are talking about her - good or bad."

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