Apprentice 2013: Kurt Wilson uses to task to pitch his business idea

Kurt Wilson The Apprentice 2013

Kurt Wilson uses the task in tonight's The Apprentice 2013 to pitch his business idea to Lord Sugar.

This year for the third series, each of the candidates is battling it out to win Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment in a new business venture.

In tonight's fourth task, Kurt pushes his decisions on project manager Neil Clough and reckons he can show the boss that his idea will make a profit.

"Your task this week is to open a farm shop. I’ve laid on a couple of shops for you in perfect locations," Lord Sugar explains to the groups. "I’d like you to source stock for your shops and sell it to the public. The team that makes the most amount of profit will win, and in the losing team, one of you will be fired.”

Project Manager Neil decides Team Endeavour’s shop will focus on selling fresh milkshakes based on Kurt's idea, using organic Jersey milk they’ve bottled themselves at a local dairy farm.

But there's quickly disagreement between Kurt and Neil.

As the sub-team of Kurt, Uzma and Zee are busy purchasing fruit to make the milkshakes, Neil calls to discuss general stock for the shop. He gives the sub-team a budget of £100 to spend on fruit and vegetables. However, Kurt disagrees with that plan, saying “I think we should limit what we spend [on general stock]. I think the profit margins are poor and we’d have to invest heavy.”

Karren Brady observes: “Kurt wants to go into business with Lord Sugar selling smoothies and fruit drinks. Therefore that’s all he’s focused on.

"He’s using this task to show Lord Sugar what a great business it is, what great profit margins. But actually this task is about having a farm shop, not just milkshakes.”

Neil is informed towards the end of the day that the sub team has spent just £33 on fruit and vegetables for the shop.

Neil explains: “I’m really disappointed. In fact, I’m pretty annoyed. I can’t change it now, I’ve got to get on with it and I’ve got to make sure we sell the stock we’ve got tomorrow at the best margin.”

Neil’s half of the team embarks on a desperate dash to source more stock. With 15 minutes before suppliers shut and limited stock available to buy at wholesale prices, will Neil’s decision to invest in retail-priced produce prove the right move?

The Apprentice 2013 airs at 9PM tonight on BBC One.

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