The Apprentice 2013 spoilers: Luisa Zissman takes big risk in latest task

The Apprentice 2013

The Apprentice 2013 continues tonight and it's Luisa Zissman and Neil Clough leading the teams on a task to run a farm shop.

The remaining candidates are awoken in the early hours to meet Lord Sugar in London, where he explains the latest challenge.

"Over the past 10 years, farmers have brought their shops into the cities. This is not just happening in England, it’s happening in New York, it’s happening in Tokyo and throughout the world. It’s a great new trend," the boss tells the group. "Your task this week is to open a farm shop. I’ve laid on a couple of shops for you in perfect locations. I’d like you to source stock for your shops and sell it to the public. The team that makes the most amount of profit will win, and in the losing team, one of you will be fired.”

Lord Sugar decides to mix up the teams this week, moving Uzma and Natalie across to Team Endeavour and Myles, Jason and Jordan over to Team Evolve.

The teams must spend the first day sourcing their stock for their farm shop, and the second selling their products to the public.

Firstly, the teams must chose their Project Managers – Luisa is elected for Evolve and Neil for Endeavour.

Under Luisa’s direction, Team Evolve begin by discussing which products they should stock in their farm shop. Jordan puts forward the suggestion that they go with something unique, such as buffalo meat: “I think you can get a lot more excitement around a meat that someone’s not tried before, especially if it feels unusual. At my school, there was a van that came round with ostrich burgers every week and there was a queue a mile long.” Although Myles is worried that buffalo lacks “a real universal appeal,” Luisa makes the final decision, saying “I think it is unusual and people will go for that.”

Team Evolve head to a buffalo farm to capture promotional images for their produce and bargain for stock with the on-site butchers.

However, Nick Hewer has his reservations about their tactics and admits to the cameras: “It’s a risk. They’ve got a lot of money tied up in that meat.”

Meanwhile, Neil decides to create a new range of Milkshakes with his team, naming their shop the 'Fruity Cow', and the decision to play it safe seems to pay off in the morning.

Karren Brady explains: “Orders for milkshakes are coming in thick and fast. Yesterday Kurt said ‘I’ll win this task, I’ll make a £500 profit’ - the pressure is on.”

However Luisa's risky choice doesn't prove as popular, with Nick observing: “One of the key elements of this is the high-margin takeaway market. They’ve got such an enormous amount that they’ve got to shift, and if they don’t do so, pain in the boardroom.”

After a day playing shop, the teams must return to the boardroom to find out who has harvested the biggest profit from their farm produce and who has been left stuck in the mud.

The Apprentice 2013 airs at 9PM tonight on BBC One.

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