The Apprentice 2013 results: Tim Stillwell thinks Lord Sugar made a mistake (unsurprisingly)

Tim Stillwell (The Apprentice 2013)

Fired Apprentice candidate Tim Stillwell reckons Lord Sugar made a mistake in letting him go.

Of course, he would say that, wouldn't he?

Tim became the second victim of he boardroom in last night's latest Apprentice 2013 results, after unsuccessfully leading the girls team in a task to turn booze into profit.

Tim, who had been after Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment prize to start his own drinks company, said today that the boss made the wrong decision.

“I definitely think Lord Sugar made a mistake firing me so early. I do really believe I didn’t give him a lot of choice though," he sad in an interview with Bang! Showbiz. “That was very apparent in the boardroom, he said to me ‘You have left me no choice’”.

Bringing Francesca and Rebecca back to the boardroom was Tim's undoing, or at leas that's the way he sees it.

Despite Lord Sugar blasting his leadership of the task as one of the worst ever, Tim insisted after the show concluded: “I genuinely don’t think he wanted to get rid of me. In real life he did say to me ‘Tim, you made some very bold claims on your application form for such a young guy.’

“But then he realised I didn’t have all the massive claims in the form and he said ‘Actually, this is quite a credible application form, but you just brought in the wrong two people.’"

Tim added: "I think he had no option to let me go but I don’t think it was the right decision for longevity. I think I would have grown as the process went on.”

The Apprentice continues next Wednesday on BBC One.

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