The Apprentice 2013 results: Who was fired? Tim Stillwell gets the axe!

Tim Stillwell (The Apprentice 2013)

Tim Stillwell becomes the latest victim of the boardroom on The Apprentice 2013.

Tim lead the girls team while Nick had led the remainders of the boys in a task that saw the candidates making money from booze.

After creating, manufacturing and selling their own flavoured beers, the teams returned to the boardroom to find out who made the most profit from pints.

Nick and Karren revealed the all important results:

Evolve spent £648.67, sales to trade were £492, and sales to the public were £555.69, leaving a total profit of £399.02

Endeavour spent £601.40, sales to trade were £284.98, and sales to the public were £1147.98, leaving a total profit of £831.56

As a reward for their win, Endeavour were treated to a trip to Belgium, famed for its beer.

Lord Sugar however worried by the whole losing team, following two straight losses, and ranted: “I’ve never seen such a bloody mess in the first two weeks of this process as what I’ve seen today. If ever in my life I’ve come across a team who literally couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery, it’s now.

"I’m sitting here thinking to myself, you’re all a bloody waste of space at the moment. I mean, the basic fundamentals; counting, calculations, locations, where you going to sell. These are elementary things.”

Apprentice S9 Ep 2 - Fired  candidate - Embargoed 22.01 8th May

Tim decided to bring Francesca and Rebecca back into the boardroom with him before Lord Sugar delivered his final verdict.

“Well Tim, you have been honest and accepted responsibility for lots of things that have gone wrong in this task. You’re a young man, you’ve got a lot of enthusiasm, and I think you have a lot to learn also," he said.

Lord Sugar continued: "Francesca, you worked hard, and you did make the product, but you got your numbers wrong; this was a disaster.

"Rebecca, I’m concerned about you. I’ve got to think about me running a business, ok? And I don’t need trouble, I don’t need aggravation, I don’t need people that are sensitive to that degree. You’ve given me a bit of a dilemma here."

But Lord Sugar eventually concluded: "Tim, your business plan was something to do with drinks, so I give you the job of being the Project Manager, and you make a mess. Now, you’re young, people can make mistakes. But you didn’t apply any thought to this task and I’ve got nowhere else to go here. Tim, you’re fired.”

Apprentice S9 Ep 2 - The final  three - Embargoed 22.01 8th May

As Tim left in a black cab, he reflected on his time in the process: “The team was all partly responsible for the failure of this task, but I did mess up big time and had to be accountable for that. I do think you’ve haven’t seen the last of me. This new drinks business will be launching, so watch out!”

14 candidates remain – who will be the next to hear the infamous words ‘You’re Fired’?

Next episode: Wednesday 15th May, 9pm on BBC One and BBC One HD

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