The Apprentice 2013 spoilers: Candidates must make money from booze

Tim Stillwell (The Apprentice 2013)

Fresh from last night's premiere, The Apprentice 2013 continues on BBC One tonight.

It’s Week two (well, Day 2 really) and the 15 remaining candidates get a 6am wake-up call, asking them to meet Lord Sugar at The Old Bank pub in Fleet Street.

As he greets the candidates with Nick Hewer and Karren Brady, Lord Sugar explains this week’s task: “This place used to be part of The Bank of England, and it is very fitting because your task today is all about making money from selling beer. Now, beer is Britain’s favourite alcoholic drink, with sales totalling £18 billion per year. Now what I want you lot to do is to come up with a new flavoured beer.”

This week, Lord Sugar chooses a project manager for each team according to candidates’ proposed business ideas – Tim wants investment for a new form of drink, so Lord Sugar moves him to the girls’ team to project manage Evolve, while Kurt, who is also in the drinks business, is picked to project manage Endeavour.

The teams must produce, brand and sell their own flavoured beer before closing time in the boardroom. The team that brings back the biggest profit will win, while on the losing team, at least one candidate’s journey will come to an end.

The teams’ first task is to decide upon a flavour for their new beer, and they must then divide into sub-teams, one staying in London to brand their product and the other travelling to the Midlands to manufacture their beer.

The next day, after manufacturing bottles and casks of their new beer, sub-teams from Evolve and Endeavour head off to try their hand at selling barrels to trade.

On Endeavour’s sub-team, Alex leads the boys to their first appointment of the day. They start their pitch well, talking through the ingredients of their beer, its name and the fact it is on limited edition, but come unstuck when the publicans ask for a sample they can try; they are only able to produce an open empty bottle, as Alex explains “We don’t unfortunately [have a sample] today, I know it’s completely random and stupid and it’s probably something you’ve never experienced before.” As the publicans explain that they aren’t able to buy anything they haven’t tasted first, and they are “surprised you’ve even turned up” without a sample, the boys leave empty handed.

After a call to Project Manager Kurt, who decides to spend the time sending six bottles over to them to use as samples, how will their failure at the first appointment affect their final sales to trade for Endeavour?

Both teams must also decide on the best locations to sell their product to the public - with only one day to pull in profit, location choices are crucial. Project Manager Tim discusses the best location for Evolve to sell their product to the public with Rebecca, Francesca and Natalie. Opinions differ on whether to choose a food festival or a beer festival in Putney. Francesca believes the food festival is the best option as “we won’t have as much competition,” but Rebecca backs the beer festival “because that’s what they’re coming to do, they’re coming to test all the different beers and have a really good day out.” On a call with the other sub-team, Uzma states she also doesn’t think the beer festival in south west London is their target market, but Tim makes the final decision that should be their first stop for sales.

Both teams arrive at their first location and, as Kurt’s team are overjoyed with the high levels of footfall at St Albans Beer Festival, Tim’s team are aghast at the lack of crowds as they arrive at a deserted pub in Putney. As both teams ply their new tipples to the public, which beer will prove to be the flavour of the day?

After a long day selling their beer to the public and to publicans, the teams must return to the boardroom for their takings to be counted.

Tune in to find out who will be the next to hear Lord Sugar’s immortal words: You’re Fired!

The Apprentice 2013 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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