The Apprentice 2013: Jaz Ampaw-Farr leads the girls but causes arguments

Jaz Ampaw-Farr (The Apprentice 2013)

The Apprentice 2013 kicks off tonight and there's no waiting before the first task kicks off.

After the candidates introduce themselves to Lord Sugar in the boardroom, they're set on their first task, which sees them work overnight and throughout the next day.

He explains: "I've got you two shipping containers in the Port of Tilbury in Essex and they are full of imported products.

"You have to start selling to the various trades open in this great metropolis of London, and other trades that start to open up as the day goes by, because by 4 o'clock, all bets are off – it's finished. And the team that sells the most amount of goods will win… and the team that loses… one of you will be fired."

It's boys v girls as usual for the first task, and Lord Sugar throws another curve ball by asking for project managers there and then.

Jaz Ampaw-Farr, nominates herself for the girls’ team and Jason Leech for the boys’. En route to Essex, they decide on team names: Endeavour for the boys and Evolve for the girls.

First task for the teams is to take stock of what they have got and decide what to sell, it’s a mixed bag of 1900 bottles of water, toilet rolls, cat litter, bubble wrap, leather jackets, high-visibility jackets, union jack mugs and ‘lucky cats’.

The Apprentice 2013

Taking a gamble with their cat shaped lucky charms, Jason’s boys head for a casino whilst the girls head to Chinatown. Eager for a quick deal, Myles negotiates a sale for all the cats at £3.25 each, chucking in batteries for free when he thinks the cats are falling flat. This results in the boys wasting up to two hours finding and then fitting batteries to power up the lucky cats for a £160 sale.

Jaz and her sub-team are forced to relocate from Chinatown to Oxford Street as all the shops and restaurants aren’t yet open, frantically searching for somewhere to sell their novelties and their lucky cats. The girls waste time pitching products to an enthusiastic Italian shop-keeper, until the embarrassing moment when they realize they aren't speaking to the decision maker and are forced to return to Chinatown with all 50 cats, much to Nick Hewer’s disapproval.

He tells the cameras: "Jaz is the Project Manager. She shot her hand up and she got it. Has she shown any sort of real leadership? Not really. They are wandering about... shall we try this shop… and shall we try that shop. Pleasant woman, but actually, this is business."

The Apprentice 2013

Jaz's problems continue as she later fails to control her sub team, headed up by Leah.

The girls argue over whether or not to try and flog their cat litter to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, but Leah vetoes the plan, claiming it's too far for them to travel to.

However the boys successfully decide to head down for a meeting. Keen to turn cat litter into cash, Zee leads the sale and despite interference from team mate Neil, succeeds in a deal for £213.

Karren remarks: "Zee was leading the negotiation but you wouldn't have guessed it with Neil in the background. He's a real backseat driver."

The teams reunite in the boardroom to present their sales to Lord Sugar; the figures decide which team is coming back for the first boardroom showdowns of The Apprentice series 9.

Tune in to find out who is first to hear Lord Sugar’s immortal words ‘You’re Fired’ on Tuesday 7th May, 9PM on BBC One and BBC One HD.

Next episode: Wednesday 8th May, 9pm on BBC One and BBC One HD

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