Who wins Young Apprentice 2012? Meet the finalists!

Maria Doran - Young Apprentice 2012

Who will win the Young Apprentice 2012? After last night's show, just four finalists remain.

After eight challenging weeks battling it out, only four candidates remain in Lord Sugar’s search for a Young Apprentice and it’s time for them to face their toughest challenge yet.

Next Thursday, 8PM on BBC One, Lord Sugar will decide who will become his Young Apprentice and win a £25,000 investment into their business future.

This year, Patrick, Ashleigh, Maria and Lucy will go head to head to impress Lord Sugar in the final. The wheat will be separated from the chaff as Lord Sugar prepares to offer one of them a life changing opportunity.

Here's how they stack up...

Maria Doran

Age: 17
Education: Studying for A Levels in Business Studies, Drama and Politics

Appearances as Project Manager: 1
Appearances on Losing Team: 2
Appearances in Final three: 2

Bubbly Northern Irish candidate Maria earns an income working in her father’s hotel and selling designer goods on the internet. She has a passion for the theatre and music, and teaches herself piano accompaniments to popular songs. When she is not brainstorming ideas for new TV shows she is reading the latest political news, doing charity work, or shopping. She is inspired by the brand TOMS and believes that her future is unlimited.

She says: “It would be the biggest mistake you could make to underestimate me. I’m 5’1” and look like a little angel but believe me I have the heart of a lioness and will take apart anybody that tries to mess with me.”

Patrick McDowell - Young Apprentice 2012

Patrick McDowell

Age: 16
Education: Studying for A Levels in English Language, Fine Art and Textiles

Appearances as Project Manager: 2
Appearances on Losing Team: 3
Appearances in Final three: 1

Fashion Designer Patrick runs his own label, creating clothes and accessories for women, and was named ‘Young Textiles Designer of the Year’ aged 13, the youngest ever recipient. He has an eclectic taste in music and plays the euphonium and the baritone horn as well as being in a brass band and swing band. Patrick’s textile portrait of Anna Wintour, who is one of his inspirations, was recently displayed at the National Students Exhibition at The Mall Galleries.

He says: “If I want something done it will be done and I don’t accept no for an answer.”

Ashleigh Porter-Exley - Young Apprentice 2012

Ashleigh Porter-Exley

Age: 17
Education: Studying for NVQ Level 2 in Business & Admin and taking evening Accountancy course

Appearances as Project Manager: 2
Appearances on Losing Team: 2
Appearances in Final three: 1

Fun-loving Ashleigh has been in employment since she was 13. She now works two jobs as well as studying at college and taking an evening accountancy course. In her spare time Ashleigh enjoys dancing and going to gigs. She is inspired by Vivienne Westwood for her creativity. Her aim is to prove to kids that you can achieve your dreams if you fight hard enough and believes that there has never been a candidate like her on Young Apprentice.

She says: “My life would be nothing without business; it’s what I was born to do and be.”

Lucy Beauvallet - Young Apprentice 2012

Lucy Beauvallet

Age: 16
Education: Studying for A Levels in French, Economics, Maths, English and Philosophy

Appearances as Project Manager: 2
Appearances on Losing Team: 4
Appearances in Final three: 1

Paris-born Lucy runs her own cake business and has a passion for baking. Lucy is bilingual and enjoys organising events and projects. She loves running, trampolining and playing tennis. Her role models are the founders of Innocent Smoothies for taking a leap of faith and never compromising their beliefs. Lucy aims to become an extremely successful businesswoman and wants to study law.

She says: “I think it’s important to be in control of situations all the time and there’s a fine line between that and being bossy. Sometimes I fall under the bossy category.”