Young Apprentice 2012: Fired candidates hit out at Patrick

Young Apprentice 2012

Fired Young Apprentice 2012 candidate Andrew Tindall reckons Patrick should have been fired from the show.

Just four candidates remain in the Young Apprentice 2012 final, to be aired next Thursday on BBC One.

Andrew was axed in a double firing last night, and now thinks either Lucy or Ashleigh will win in the final boardroom.

He said: "Lucy and Ashleigh are strong candidates, both will go far.

"However, I feel some strong candidates left early on; Alice and Max both stood out for me, but I’d be lying if I said Ashleigh didn’t look like the winner from Week 1. I love her matter-of-fact, professional, saying-things-to-your-face way of work.

" Equally, I think Patrick has brought very little to the table so far. And Max should have stayed from Week 1 in my mind."

They were thoughts echoed by Steven Cole, who also got the axe last night.

He said: "Ashleigh reminds me of a mother figure and Lucy was just very confident. I also thought Max was very strong and deserved to stay longer. How Patrick didn’t go in the first week I still don’t know!"

Meanwhile, Andrew revealed that the show had an impact on his career plans.

He revealed: "I went into the process focused on medicine and left focused on medicine but, admittedly, marketing and design also really interest me now. I know what I want to do but maybe the future holds something different which I can’t see yet. I loved the TV experience. Any entertainers needed, I’m just an email away!"

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