Young Apprentice 2012 spoilers: Two candidates face being fired!

Young Apprentice 2012

Two candidates will be fired from the Young Apprentice 2012 tonight, as they're given their latest task to sell goods at a musical festival.

Speaking to the six remaining youngsters, Lord Sugar tells them in tonight's show: “We’re coming up shortly to the final and the next task is a very important one.

"Your task this week is all about selling at a festival. You are getting to set up your own stalls. I need you to treat this task as a mini-business.

"I’m going to give you £1,500 to kick off with and at the end of the task I’m going to count how much you’ve sold and the stock that you’ve got leftover, which I will consider to be your total assets. The team with the largest amount of assets wins.”

However Lord Sugar continues by announcing a twist: in the losing team, two candidates will be fired.

With both teams feeling the pressure to win this week’s task, Patrick is picked as leader on Platinum and Lucy will be Project Manager for Odyssey.

The two teams can pick which products they would like to sell at WOMAD from a selection of eight, ranging from £10 novelty hats to designer animal onesies.

For their first product, Patrick’s team opt for the umbrella seat stick, an umbrella that doubles as a seat, while Lucy’s team go for a self-powered washing machine. However both teams are impressed with the portable toilet products, seeing that it could be a best-seller in the face of the inevitable festival problem of dirty toilets. With both teams booking appointments to bid for sole rights to sell the product, which products they are able to stock will all come down to their pitches.

On Lucy’s team, she is adamant that she and Steven will go to the appointment, despite Andrew’s desire to do the negotiations. But Karren Brady is unsure about their approach in the pitch, observing: “The disposable toilet was their number one product. Instead of showing their enthusiasm and engaging the wholesaler, they tried to negotiate on a price that he clearly wasn’t going to move on and in the end they forgot about a demonstration, they forgot to be polite and interested in the product, and it really went very badly.”

Ashleigh, who attends the appointment on behalf of her team, feels it is imperative to win the portable toilets, saying: “I think the portaloo is quite important for us to get because we’re going to sell a lot of them.”

With the retailer deciding to go with Platinum due to Ashleigh’s enthusiasm, a despondent Team Odyssey is left with their back-up option, the animal onesies. In the car on their way to a festival, Andrew declares war on the other team, saying: “Action plan: I’ve got some gasoline in my bag. Let’s see how far those portable toilets go when they’re on fire!”

As Steven and Lucy try and sell the onesies to the festival goers, Andrew is tasked with going from tent to tent attempting to peddle the portable washing machines. It's clear from the start that the campers are not interested in the product, as one by one they all inform him that they don't need, or want, to wash clothes at a festival.

Defeated, Andrew returns to the others with the bad news, telling them: “I couldn't pay people to take them off me.” Overseeing proceedings, Karren Brady comments: “They always say that a good salesman can't blame his tools, but I think in this case Andrew can. People come to a festival to dance and enjoy themselves, who comes to do their washing?”

Meanwhile, Platinum are confident that their portaloos will prove popular with the festival attendees, with PM Patrick confirming: “We think that the toilets will sell really well so we've priced them £5 above the RRP.”

However despite the girls' best efforts, the product does not go down as well as they were expecting, with a frustrated Maria complaining: “Why do we have to be at the festival with clean toilets? Any other festival usually has absolutely rank toilets!”

She is further dismayed by Ashleigh's sales strategy of shouting about the product, saying: “She really needs to take a different approach to it. This is a very calm festival, this isn't a market stall and that's where I think she's got confused. She's basically just being a bull in a china shop.”

Patrick has the unenviable task of selling umbrellas on a boiling hot day, but despite the obvious setback, he manages to make some sales. Impressed, Nick Hewer states: “There's a big old currant bun in the sky and it’s burning hot. This is not a time for selling umbrellas, this is the time
for selling ice creams. But Patrick did pretty well, given all that.”

Tune in to find out which two candidates will fall at the final hurdle and be the next to hear the infamous words – You’re Fired!

The Young Apprentice 2012 continues tonight on BBC One at 8PM.

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