Young Apprentice 2012 spoilers: Candidates direct adverts in latest task

Lord Sugar

Young Apprentice 2012 continues tonight, with the candidates directing adverts.

Week six of the competition begins as the seven remaining candidates receive a morning phone call telling them to meet Lord Sugar at a central London hair salon. There, Lord Sugar explains this week’s task:

“As a nation, we’re spending over £200 million a year on hair styling products. It’s a huge market, and your task this week is very simple: you have got to make a television advert for a hair styling product, and then pitch your brand and advertising campaign to advertising professionals who are going to feed their thoughts back to me. And the team that comes up with the best campaign will win, and unfortunately in the losing team, one of you will be fired.”

The teams are once again mixed, with Andrew and Lucy moving to Odyssey to join Navdeep and Steven. Meanwhile Patrick and Maria change to Platinum to join Ashleigh. As Maria is yet to be Project Manager, Lord Sugar decides she will lead Platinum, before selecting Andrew as Odyssey’s PM.

The teams now have three days to create, brand and shoot an advert for a new hair styling product, finishing with a pitch to industry professions.


As Maria’s team start by choosing their target market and product name, Ashleigh suggests they go down the “sex sells” route to appeal to their female market and target “strong, independent, classy women.”

While Ashleigh heads off to speak to an all-girls roller derby team about their product ideas, Maria and Patrick go to an agency to design their bottle. When discussing the bottle’s colours, Maria says: “It’s tacky, but I think that’s what we’re going for... If we’re going to be tacky, we’re going to go all out there and be tacky. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of tackiness, and I think it’s a good way to go.”

Karren Brady is unimpressed, observing: “It’s really bad form actually, to describe your own product constantly as tacky. I don’t think people appreciate tacky, it’s not high on their agenda of things to buy.”


Odyssey decides to focus on a male target market, with Andrew summarising: “So the key feature is - you’re going to be different.” They come up with the potential name Chameleon, as it “keeps changing its colours,” and Andrew divides his team to start their market research.

As Maria and Navdeep meet a band to get their feedback on Odyssey’s product name, they are particularly positive about Chameleon.

However, while Andrew and Steven are designing their bottle, they realise the problem with the name. After Steven explains to the designer: “The reason we’ve gone for Chameleon is obviously it changes the colour of its body to whatever background it’s in. It’s just different,” Andrew starts to question it, saying: “Sorry, doesn’t a chameleon change it’s colour to match what it’s in? So isn’t it just blending in?” Realisation dawns on Stephen who agrees: “That’s not what we want is it really? This is a horrible, horrible situation.”

As they call Lucy and Navdeep to discuss the issue, Nick Hewer comments: “Come on guys, you’ve gone round in circles and it’s getting late.” Will the team be able to come up with a straight-forward brand that doesn’t contradict itself, or blend into the background during their pitch?


The following day, as Maria and Ashleigh start filming their boxing-inspired advert, Ashleigh worries: “I think it’s going to be very difficult for me and Maria to work together today. I’m not going to let her do what she did to the can and make it tacky, I’m definitely going to put my foot down and not stand for it.”

As the day goes on, Maria and Ashleigh continue to spar over their ideas. Karren Brady explains: “Ashleigh sketched the storyboard, so now would very much like to direct the advert, but Maria’s not having any of it. So at the moment the actors downstairs are being given two sets of directions, because there appears to me to be two directors. It’s confused, one of them should take the lead. They’re like two cats fighting over the milk.”

Will they end up knocking each other out of the ring, or does their final advert pull the punch they need?

Find out who survives the latest boardroom on the Young Apprentice 2012 tonight on BBC One from 8PM.

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