Young Apprentice 2012: David Odhiambo backs Navdeep Bual to win

David Odhiambo - Young Apprentice 2012

Fired Young Apprentice candidate David Odhiambo has tipped Navdeep Bual to win the series.

David got the axe from Lord Sugar in the boardroom last week after coming back to the boardroom for a fourth time.

Despite a fairly poor track record on the show's tasks, David insists: "The time on the show was educational, challenging and always thrilling.

"I loved meeting young people with so much drive and ambition; it was refreshing to see that there are other teenagers who share a passion for enterprising and fighting for what they want."

He suggested: "I think that Navdeep (Nav) is not only the strongest candidate for the process, her skills, personality and work ethic place her on a different level to the other candidates. She was extremely fun to live with , despite Lord Sugars comment that she might not be business minded, I know that she is adaptable and suitable for any challenge that is chucked her way."

Meanwhile, speaking about his last task, David claims he didn't deserve to get the chop, saying there was a "strategy" from the other candidates to force him out.

He explained: "This week was a mixture of bad luck and a long term strategy to get me out. I still believe that I did not deserve to be in the boardroom on previous weeks.

"Nonetheless that 'boardroom' reputation contributed to Lord Sugars final decision. I know that the failure of the task was down to concept, I did offer numerous concepts. For that reason I think that Ashleigh should have been fired. It was not my contribution, or lack of contribution, that lead to the failure of the task. "

And speaking about his overall experience of the show, David added: "The world of business is fast paced, cut throat and will wait for no one. It's only through the practical application to business that someone can be successful, outside the classroom the ball game is different and no rules apply.

"The distinction between your work life and your friendship is important, I would advise people not to go into business with friends or family. "

The [cat c="the apprentice"]Young Apprentice 2012[/cat] continues on Thursday on BBC One.

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