Young Apprentice 2012 results: David Odhiambo fired

David Odhiambo - Young Apprentice 2012

David Odhiambo has become the latest candidate fired from the Young Apprentice 2012.

After an interesting fifth task, in which the two teams each had to come up with a themed kids’ club, it’s back to the boardroom for the young candidates.

There, both teams explain their kids’ club concept, before the all important results are revealed:

Team Odyssey sold £2070 worth of licenses to the UK holiday lets company, £1850 worth of licenses to the European campsite chain and £7030 licenses to the Global tour operator. A total of £10,950.

Team Platinum sold £470 worth of licenses to the UK holiday lets company, 0 licenses to the European campsite chain and 0 licenses to the Global tour operator. A total of £470.

Lord Sugar is very impressed with Team Odyssey, and treats them with a trip to one of London’s top perfumiers to have their own perfume made.

He is less impressed, however, with Team Platinum, telling them: “That’s not a loss is it? This is a complete and utter annihilation. A disaster.” He tells Ashleigh he is surprised with her, before sending the team to the Losers’ Café.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar tells them that they didn’t tick any of the boxes that they were meant to on the task. When questioned about the concept, Lucy explains that she did fight for her idea, which would have ticked all of the boxes, but that Ashleigh made the final decision.

Lord Sugar then asks Andrew what his contribution to the task was, saying: “I haven’t actually seen you doing anything yet.” Lord Sugar then tells them that their tagline should have been: “one hour of fun and three hours in the bath!”

Eventually, Ashleigh decides to bring Andrew and David back into the boardroom with her. She explains that she doesn’t feel David contributed anything to the task but David tries to defend himself, saying: “The fact that I have been in the boardroom numerous times shows that I have given the task everything I can.” Andrew then interjects: “you’ve been in the boardroom quite a few times now purely because of the fact that you’re making very few decisions, and when you do, they’re wrong ones.”

Ashleigh says she doesn’t believe herself or Andrew should be in this situation, to which Lord Sugar responds: “This has gone wrong and this was your idea!”

Finally, Lord Sugar has heard enough to make his decision:

“Andrew – I’ve come across lots of people in this boardroom here, and I’ve seen people that are very good at ducking and diving, so to speak. I don’t know whether I’ve got your card marked. Let me put it this way, I know everything, I’ve seen everything, I’ve done everything, I’ve seen every type of person. What worries me, young man, about you is that perhaps you’re one of those people I don’t like. David – It’s like an old broken record, you’ve been here four times, I’ve let you remain in the process. Ashleigh – one step forward, two steps backwards. I really had you down as a contender for this. This is the biggest disaster that we’ve had in the five weeks. It is regretful that you have gone backwards in the way that you have. David – basically nothing ever went right for you. You could be a very unlucky fellow but sometimes there’s no smoke without fire. For that reason, regretfully David – You’re Fired.”

As he leaves in the taxi, David says: “Some would say that being in the boardroom four times is bad luck but I see it as having the best business class from one of the top businessmen in the world. I’m going to take that and apply that to the rest of my life.”

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