Young Apprentice 2012 spoilers: Candidates told to create next kids’ craze


Young Apprentice 2012 continues tonight on BBC One, with the candidates set a task to impress kids.

Week Five of the competition begins as the eight remaining candidates receive an early morning surprise delivery, in the form of a video message from Lord Sugar about this week’s task:

“Good morning. I’m sure you lot think of yourselves as young adults, but for this task you’re going to need to go back and think of what it was like to be a kid. The children’s entertainment industry is always on the hunt for the next kids’ craze. Some of the most successful kids’ clubs manage to do it by combining fun with education. So your task is not only to create a new kids’ club that is going to capture the imagination of the youngsters, but it’s also got to get the attention of investors. And if they like your idea, they’ll buy licences from you. The team that gets the biggest order for licences will win and, as usual, in the losing team one of you will be fired.”

Lord Sugar mixes teams up this week, with Andrew, Ashleigh, David and Lucy forming Team Platinum, and Team Odyssey consisting of Maria, Navdeep, Patrick and Steven.

Each team must first decide upon their Project Manager for this week’s task, with Platinum choosing Ashleigh and Odyssey voting for Navdeep. Next, they must brainstorm a concept for their kids’ club.


While Navdeep’s team quickly decides on a science theme and moves on to their market research at other kids’ clubs, Ashleigh’s team struggle to decide on an idea. With Ashleigh suggesting an arts and crafts class with an ‘eco’ twist of using recycled materials, Lucy proposes they could create a cultural session using dances from around the world.

Going against the rest of her team, Ashleigh makes a final decision, saying: “There’s just a gut instinct I’ve got, and my gut instinct is usually right, and I’m going to say I think that the recycling idea is better.”

Her team are left unconvinced, with Lucy worrying: “I think that Ashleigh’s pushing the idea. If you came up with it you’re obviously going to like it more, but I think she’s pushing it a bit too much. The dancing idea is simple, straightforward, and you can see why it would appeal to parents.”

Later, the team decide to compromise on an Active Art class, incorporating movement and painting. Nick Hewer is concerned about their final concept, stating: “That’s exactly what we’ve all been to see. So it’s not new, it’s not unique at all. In fact, she’s copying something that we saw earlier today. Is that what Lord Sugar wants? I don’t think so.”

Young Apprentice Mr Splodge

On Team Odyssey, Steven and Maria visit a science tutor to get ideas for the live experiments to use during their pitch. But while they ask for inspiration about which direction to take their space idea in, Maria admits: “We’re going to try and get some learning involved, teach them the planets, but we don’t really know what they are, so would you be able to tell us?”

A stunned Karren Brady observes: “They’ve decided to go with a space theme, but the trouble is, they don’t know what the planets are. They have very limited scientific knowledge, even basic knowledge. I’m afraid it’s not going to go very well at all when it comes to talking to the kids and educating them, when they’re not educated in the matters themselves.”


The following day, both teams must pitch their kids’ club concepts to three leading holiday companies, hoping they will be impressed enough to buy licences for their franchises.

Although Ashleigh’s team have a hard task encouraging the kids to get messy at the start of their Active Art class, they soon get into the swing of things, with Nick Hewer explaining: “The Big Mess, for the children, proved to be a big success. Children covered in paint, floor covered in paint, everything covered in paint. And if the whole thing was based on whether the kids loved it, then surely this is a runaway success. However, the pitch is yet to come.”

Later in the pitch, the investors start to question whether parents would be happy if their children were to be returned to them covered in paint. Things continue to get sticky for Team Platinum as one queries: “When you talked about the mess of the kids, a lot of the research that we’ve done shows the horror on parents’ faces when they come back to pick up their kids.”

Will the team’s response be enough to convince the investors that their concept is in fact a masterpiece?

Tune in to find out which team throws a tantrum in the boardroom, and who will be the next candidate to hear the dreaded words – You’re Fired!

The Young Apprentice 2012 airs tonight on BBC One.

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