Young Apprentice 2012 results: Alice Smith fired!

Alice Smith - Young Apprentice 2012

Alice Smith became the latest victim of the boardroom in the Young Apprentice 2012 tonight.

After a hectic fourth task, it’s back to the boardroom for the young candidates, where their performances are reviewed by Lord Sugar.

Lord Sugar asks David why Team Platinum was like “disorganised chaos” during their afternoon tea service. Ashleigh steps in to explain that: “David’s organisation skills were very poor yesterday. It got to the stage where me, Lucy and Steven organised ourselves and were telling David what to do, because he was just running round like a headless chicken,” leaving Lord Sugar to ask David “did you lose control of the task?”

On Team Odyssey, when discussing Alice’s organisation, Maria says: “She was very good on the second day. The first day, maybe slightly disorganised and indecisive, but the second day, I felt she picked up.”

Next, the results of the task are revealed:

Team Odyssey spent £284, sales amounted to £375, which generated a profit of £91.

Team Platinum spent £158, sales amounted to £474, which generated a profit of £316.

On hearing the results, Karren says: “David you should say thank you very much to Ashleigh and Lucy,” with Lord Sugar reiterating: “David, your team bowed you right out of trouble!” But it is Alice and Team Platinum that are heading off to the Losers’ Café this week, to discuss where they went wrong in this week’s task.

Back in the boardroom, there is conflict on the team as the sub-team explains they didn’t understand Alice’s brief of ‘traditional with a twist’. There is also trouble brewing about the responsibility for the pricing of their afternoon tea, as Alice explains she wanted to go lower on the price and Nick Hewer reminds Maria: “From the start, [Alice] was saying too high, too high. My impression, actually, was that Maria was very happy, indeed pushing for a higher price.”

After a difficult decision, Alice decides to bring Maria and Navdeep back into the boardroom to fight it out as the final three this week.

Finally, Lord Sugar has heard enough to make his decision:
“I don’t think you did get the business plot here to be perfectly frank, Alice, I think a lot of things ran away. On the other hand, Navdeep, I’m sure you’re a pretty smart girl, but I’m looking for a budding entrepreneur really, not a debater. And you Maria, well, raising your voice, being aggressive, doesn’t always get you what you want. Doesn’t work with me. Just raising your voice and talking a thousand miles an hour, trying to intimidate somebody, it’s very difficult for me to put up with something like that. But I’ve got to make a decision. And I’ve decided that due to the poor business logic in this particular task, and the way it was conducted, it is with regret that Alice, you’re fired.”

As she leaves in the taxi, Alice says: “The other two girls maybe don’t have the entrepreneurial spirit within them, however they believed in themselves a lot more than I did, and that is never, ever going to happen again!”

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