Young Apprentice 2012: Candidates tasked to revamp British afternoon tea

Young Apprentice - Ep 4 - Alice, Maria and Navdeep do 1940s

The Young Apprentice candidates are challenged to put their spin on the classic British afternoon tea this evening.

Week four begins for the nine remaining candidates with a 6am phone call, which tells them that Lord Sugar will meet them at the Cutty Sark to reveal this week’s task.

On arrival at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, the ship which transported tea from China to London, Lord Sugar explains: “I want you to revamp the very traditional British afternoon tea. Your task is to create a themed afternoon tea experience, and sell it to customers at one of Britain’s greatest stately homes.”

Rather than mixing up the teams, Lord Sugar selects which candidates will be Project Manager for each group – David will head up Team Platinum, while Alice will project manage Team Odyssey.

Both teams first discuss the theme of their tea party, with Alice hitting on a war-time 1940s vintage style and David’s team coming up with ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’.

As Alice sends a sub-team of Andrew, Maria and Navdeep off to conduct market research, they are left unsure about which questions they should be asking the public. Maria reflects: “I think the market research was a bit of a disorganised confusion. We didn’t really have clear direction [from Alice].”

Meanwhile, Patrick and Alice head to The Langham for afternoon tea for their own market research. But as her sub-team try to ring through with their feedback, Alice neglects to answer their call while she is learning about the afternoon tea selection with the hotel’s chef.

Frustrated at not being able to speak to their PM, Maria stews over Alice’s poor time management:

“The fact that she didn’t pick up the phone after our market research, I don’t know, she could have been busy, but it was very annoying because we’d just been out doing that and we wanted to give her the results. That’s just lack of organisation and, to be frank, stupid.”

Later, as Alice’s sub-team start creating their mini-cake menu at the bakery, they try to call their Project Manager for guidance. However, with Alice tied up in tasting teas at a high-end tea emporium, she once again misses their call, adding to their mounting frustration.

Over in Platinum’s tea tent, the team is slow to set up, still doing so as the first customers take their seats. Once the orders start to come to the kitchen, it becomes apparent that David does not have a clear system set up for the day.

Watching over proceedings, Karren Brady observes: “Inside the kitchen there are four candidates, all over each other, getting in each other’s way. Inside the tent, there are no candidates. They really have to sort this out, because in terms of service, it’s no points at the moment.”

She continues: “David, I think, is a confused leader. I think he’s nervous, I don’t think people are listening to him. He’s a little bit like a headless chicken running around, there’s no system in the kitchen. It’s a bit of a mess frankly.”

Young Apprentice airs tonight on BBC One at 8PM.

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