Young Apprentice 2012 results: Amy Corrigan fired

Amy Corrigan - Young Apprentice 2012

Amy Corrigan has become the latest candidate fired from The Young Apprentice 2012.

After a tricky third task, it’s back to the boardroom for the young candidates, where their performances are reviewed by Lord Sugar.

Andrew informs Lord Sugar that he doesn’t feel that his Odyssey team mates supported him, apart from Alice. Lord Sugar is shocked that the sub-team stayed at The Coliseum for about six hours before setting off to secure items. He tells them: “It seems to me that your team wasted a hell of a lot of time trying to locate things.” Lord Sugar then addresses Platinum and Lucy voices her frustrations with David as a sub-team leader.

Next, the results of the task are revealed:

Platinum bought 5 items which cost them £734. Their fines and the price of the items they didn’t buy amounted to £1,470. Making a grand total of £2,204.

Odyssey bought 5 items which cost them £797. Their fines and the price of the items they didn’t buy amounted to £1,236. Making a grand total of £2,033.

It’s a bittersweet win for Odyssey with Lord Sugar telling them: “I would like to say well done but it’s a bit of a shame you had £797 of expenditure and £1,236 worth of fines.” Nevertheless, they are rewarded with a trip to Hamleys, the famous toy shop, whilst Platinum face a trip to the Losers’ Café.

Back in the boardroom, Karren Brady states that there was a lack of planning on the team, which Steven agrees with. This leaves Lord Sugar to ask him: “Were you in control of this task, do you think, or where you lost halfway through it?”

Steven decides to bring Amy and David back to the boardroom with him. There, they discuss David’s leadership of the sub-team, with Amy exclaiming: “You were incredibly lazy... you were useless.” David retorts: “You were constantly rude to people on the phone, you were constantly rude to me.”

Finally, Lord Sugar has heard enough to make his decision: “Steven – on this task, you have completely messed it up, in my view. You were completely out of control.

"David – I like your fighting spirit, I really do. There is an element of no smoke without fire. We’re only in week three and you have a 100% record of being here.

"Amy – I don’t like this rather powerful and blunt method of dealing with people, that is certainly not a way forward. From what I’ve heard today and from a bit of observation I’ve had in the past from Nick and Karren, it is with regret that I’m going to actually say – Amy – You’re Fired!”

As she is driven away Amy says: “This isn’t the end of my business dreams. Today was a massive knock but if anything it’s going to have to make me stronger.”

The Young Apprentice 2012 continues next Thursday night on BBC One.

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