Young Apprentice 2012 spoilers: Candidates to negotiate for props

Young Apprentice TX3

Tonight's Young Apprentice sees the remaining teenage candidates challenge with a negotiating task.

It’s week three, and the candidates are woken with a call telling them to meet Lord Sugar at The London Coliseum, home to the English National Opera. There, Lord Sugar explains the next task:

“You are going to go out and secure ten items that are going to be used in an opera... You're going to have to get the right price and you're going to have to do it in the right amount of time.”

With over 200 performances each year, the producers need plenty of props. The teams have eight hours and a list of ten items to find and buy, with hefty fines incurred for each item they fail to bring back.

After Lord Sugar mixes the teams up again, putting Navdeep and Alice on Odyssey and David on Platinum, the candidates get to work. But which team will prove the perfect ensemble and who will turn out to be a prima donna?

Andrew nominates himself as Project Manager of Odyssey and quickly implements his strategy, getting the team to stay at The Coliseum and hit the phones to find shops that sell the items. He explains: “We can't leave here if we haven't got any leads.”

The team become agitated after spending hours trawling through the telephone directories, with Maria particularly concerned, saying: “So far I really think we have no form of organisational structure whatsoever.” After the pair bicker over which one of them has the most leads, Maria exclaims to Andrew: “You're so immature sometimes.”

Eventually Andrew makes the decision that he and Alice will head out to start collecting items, whilst the others stay put at The Coliseum. After they leave, the rest of Andrew's team reflect on Andrew's management style, with Patrick saying: “Andrew wasn't very good at organising us at all I don't think.” Navdeep adds to the chorus of growing concern: “I'm so annoyed about this; if we just sit here we're just frittering our time away.”

After growing frustrations with some of Andrew's decisions, Patrick concludes: “Andrew is a bad Project Manager!”

On Platinum, David nominates himself as Project Manager, keen to prove to Lord Sugar he can lead a team. The others seem unconvinced and vote for Steven as their PM. Steven appoints David as sub-team leader, who has an interesting perception of how to lead people, saying: “When you manage men you have to treat them like dogs and then they'll know who their leader is. When managing women you have to flirt with them, you have to be kind, smile and show your softer side.”

With a four foot olive tree on their list of props, David and his sub-team of Lucy and Amy head to a garden centre. There, David tells Lucy to lead the sale, encouraging her to flirt to get a good deal. After securing the olive tree, David scolds Amy for interrupting Lucy's attempts to bargain with the proprietor, saying: “When she's talking let her do most of the talking.”

Amy later becomes irritated when speaking on the phone to a supplier when David keeps interrupting her. After the phone call has ended, David asks her: “Can you please calm down?” Amy responds: “You're acting like an idiot. This is why you've been on the losing team twice.” Lucy is left desperately trying to convince her team mates to stop squabbling as their digs at each other continue throughout the day.

Describing herself, Amy says: “If I was going to liken my business skills to any animal, I'd pick a tiger or a lion. Because I think those are both aggressive animals and don't like to be messed with.” It seems David would agree, as he observes: “Amy seems to be a very short-tempered woman.”

After a stressful day, Lucy tells her team mates: “No offence but you two are not easy people to work with, either of you.”

Young Apprentice 2012 airs Thursday 15th November at 8PM on BBC ONE

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