Young Apprentice 2012 results: Sean Spooner fired

Sean Spooner - Young Apprentice 2012

Sean Spooner has become the second candidate to be fired from Young Apprentice 2012.

After a sizzling second task, it’s back to the boardroom for the young candidates. Lord Sugar scrutinises the two cookery books and questions the niche focus of Odyssey’s and the spelling errors in Platinum’s. When Alice laughs about the misspelt words, Nick Hewer retorts: “Except it’s not terribly funny really is it?”

Alice tells Lord Sugar that she was “appalled” by Lucy as a Project Manager on the first day, but that it was the complete reverse on the second day.

Next, the results of the task are revealed:

Platinum had 1000 copies ordered by the high street book chain, 1500 copies ordered by the online retailer and 5000 copies ordered by the supermarket. A total of 7500 orders.
Odyssey had 0 copies ordered by the high street book chain, 800 copies ordered by the online retailer and 0 copies ordered by the supermarket. A total of 800 orders.

With Platinum rewarded with a trip to London’s only dessert bar, there’s a trip to the Losers’ Café for Odyssey.

Back in the boardroom, Lord Sugar tells them that their performance on the task was: “disastrous to say the least.” Sean states that Maria was responsible for pushing the concept forward but Maria retorts: “I don’t take responsibility for how much of a pushover Sean was.”

Lord Sugar asks David what he did on the task and Sean interjects: “I didn’t hear a lot from David on the task.” David defends himself, saying: “You guys were shouting to get your voice heard. Everything that I wanted to say I said it calmly.”

Next, Lord Sugar addresses Patrick putting himself forward to do the third pitch, which didn’t go very well, saying: “What was all that about? This is not a talent show, this is business. Sometimes when you’re not good at something you shouldn’t put yourself forward.”

Sean decides to bring Maria and David back to the boardroom with him, which stuns them both. Despite their protestations, Sean stands by his decision.

Lord Sugar tells Sean he is confused that he let Patrick go back to the house and brought David back to the boardroom. He then asks Sean: “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” Maria admits: “I really love being heard and I’m really strong and I’m a domineering person. I’m not going to apologise for that.”

Finally, Lord Sugar has made his decision:
“Look, all of you have done very well getting here, thousands and thousands and thousands applied. Sean – a Project Manager is someone who is supposed to assert their authority. You are here to try and win a task. I get the distinct impression that you’re a bit of a diplomat and try to make everybody happy. Maria – there’s no question in my mind that the idea was flawed, that you forced the Project Manager to do things that he wouldn’t have done, because of your forcefulness. At the end of the day, you’ve got to know when to admit you’ve made mistakes and when to tone down a little bit. David – I get the feeling, from what I’ve heard from Karren and your other colleagues, that some of the stuff you’re claiming that you did, or didn’t do, didn’t occur. For that reason I’m struggling. Maria – this is a tough situation for me. I do admire your forcefulness and bubbliness, and on that basis I’m going to let you remain in this process. Sean – I think your mistake today was bringing the wrong person back and taking your eye off the ball of what you’re supposed to be good at doing. On that basis it is, with regret – You’re Fired.”

As he is driven away Sean says: “Although Lord Sugar fired me today I think I can walk out here with my head held high. I’m going to go home and continue working on all the things that I have coming up. In five or ten years time I’m going to be successful.”

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