Young Apprentice 2012 spoilers: Candidates given second task


The Young Apprentice 2012 continues tonight, as the remaining teenagers are challenged to producer a cookbook.

It’s week two and the candidates are called to meet Lord Sugar at London restaurant Sketch. There, Lord Sugar explains the next task:

“You’re going to produce a cookery book, and, in a couple of days’ time, you’re going to present those cookbooks to three retailers that I have laid on.”

The teams have two days to design and print a new cookbook, and then pitch it to three of the UK’s top booksellers. The team that receives the greatest amount of orders will win, and, on the losing team, one candidate will be fired.

After Lord Sugar mixes the teams up a bit, putting Maria on Odyssey and Steven on Platinum, the candidates set off. But which team will have the recipe for success?

On Odyssey, Sean is selected as Project Manager, due to his publishing experience. However Maria makes it clear she would like to be Project Manager too. David is nervous about how Maria and Sean will work together on the task, saying: “I’m not sure whether Maria might overpower him.”

The team decides to pursue Maria’s idea to target professional women with their cookbook, despite Andrew questioning the need to be so gender specific. Andrew becomes more adamant about this after running the concept by a focus group, who suggests that it might alienate both sexes.

Andrew feeds the market research back to the rest of the team, but Maria strongly disagrees, saying: “We need something that stands out and is marketable. We can’t just come out with another generic cookbook.”

It seems David’s concerns are well placed when Maria tells Sean that he needs to stand up and make a decision, as Project Manager, before reiterating her point of view: “We’re now being influenced by other people. If we stick with what we thought was right at the start, I think that’s the way to go with this. You never listen to absolutely everything from your market research.”

Convinced by Maria’s argument, Sean informs the others that they are sticking with the focus on professional women, leaving them stunned.


Both Lucy and Alice nominate themselves as Project Manager on Platinum, with Lucy eventually selected. Lucy describes her management style, saying: “I think it’s important to be in control of situations at all times, and there’s a fine line between being that and being bossy. Sometimes I fall under the bossy category.” Alice reflects on the team’s decision to opt with Lucy, stating: “She’s pretty persistent on what she wants; I’m not willing to start a cat fight for it.”

After settling on a student cookbook, the team splits, with Amy, Ashleigh and Alice heading to meet food writer, Ben Ebbrell, to come up with recipes for the student cookbook. Lucy asks them to send the recipes over to her as soon as possible, so that her sub team can cook the dishes for the cookbook photo shoot.

On her way to the photo shoot, Lucy and her sub team call the others for the recipes. She is shocked when Alice asks her: “Do you want us to tell you how to make them as well, because the chef didn’t actually tell us?” Ashleigh adds: “We haven’t got a recipe we’ve just designed the meal.” When Lucy responds saying: “Whatever, we’ve just got to get this done,” Alice is left fuming saying: “That is not good team management, at any point. I wish I’d just pushed for Project Manager now.”

The photo shoot is left running late as a result of the lack of clear recipes for Lucy’s sub team to follow in order to cook the dishes. Meanwhile Amy, Ashleigh and Alice are with the publishers, where the print deadline is looming and they still haven’t received the photo shoot pictures.

The issue comes to a head, when they speak to Lucy. After she tells them: “You know why we didn’t get them through,” Amy responds: “You’re absolutely not motivating us at all, you’re just saying these comments that are just rude. You’re being a really bad Project Manager.” An upset Lucy hangs up the phone, leaving Navdeep to reassure her: “Don’t worry about it. It’s people trying to deflect the blame already.”

The brand new series of [cat c="apprentice"]Young Apprentice 2012[/cat] continues tonight, November 8 at 8PM on BBC One.

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