Young Apprentice 2012 results: Max Grodecki first candidate fired

Max Grodecki - Young Apprentice 2012

Max Grodecki has become the first candidate to be fired from the Young Apprentice 2012.

After a tricky first task, it’s back to the boardroom for the young candidates, where the results of the task are revealed:

The girls’ team Platinum had total sales of £559.90 with an expenditure of £106.54 making a total profit of £453.36
The boys’ team Odyssey had total sales of £501.21 with an expenditure of £170.87 making a total profit of £330.34

With the girls rewarded with a high-speed boat ride down the River Thames, it’s an early trip to the Losers’ Café for the boys.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar reminds the boys that the task was all about making money; it was not a design task. Patrick admits that in hindsight he would have spent less time on the design and Lord Sugar asks him if the designer label for his ‘wetsuit kimono’ read: “Designed by Frankenstein?” Patrick defends the item, saying that it attracted customers to their pop-up store. Lord Sugar also questions their decision to leave the shopping centre.

Next, Lord Sugar addresses the fact that Max only sold £14.00 worth of clothing at the car boot sale, saying: “Overall we conclude that you’re useless at selling.” Max explains that his role was to organise the stall.

After Patrick decides to bring David and Max back to the boardroom, the three boys face Lord Sugar. Patrick explains that he has brought Max back because he doesn’t feel it was a large enough stall to require somebody permanently organising it instead of selling, saying: “It’s a car boot sale, it doesn’t need to be super organised.” Max retorts that he would have loved to have been selling, believing it would have been: “…easier and probably a lot more enjoyable than what I was doing.”

Both David and Max state that they feel Patrick was responsible for the failure of the task, with David stating that he doesn’t think Patrick is cut out for the business world.

Lord Sugar then makes his decision, saying:

“When I make my mind up, I have to take into account who I feel has the ongoing potential to go through the process and possibly end up to be the winner. Patrick – you totally went off the rails here, I’m afraid to say. You forgot this was a business task. There’s no question of a doubt that a couple of the decisions you made were the downfall of this task. Max – you’re exceptionally great on paper, whether there’s any business nous there, I don’t know. David – I’ve got a big concern that you are somebody who causes a bit of friction, you’ve gone quite close to winding me up a little bit. So it’s very difficult for me, but I regret that my instinct is telling me that Max – I think you’re meant for different types of things. Max – You’re Fired.”

As he is driven away Max says: “I really hope this isn’t the end of my business life. I do have a passion for business and I am just going to keep on going.”

Young Apprentice continues on Thursday 8th November, 8pm on BBC One

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