Survival Of The Fittest results: Girls face off in survival challenge as one heads home

The Girls go head to head in the Challenge.

One girl is heading home in tonight's Survival Of The Fittest results.

Last night in the latest challenge, the boys beat the girls.

But rather than sending someone home, they chose to save a girl and picked Mariam Musa.

The other girls will now be control of their own fate as they fight to stay in the competition.

In this evening's episode, Georgia gets a message: “Teams in one hour, Georgia, Jenny, Mettisse and Sam will go head-to-head in today’s Survival Challenge ‘In Deep Water.’ The rest of you will stay in The Lodge. Only three Girls will return.”

 The Girls go head to head in the Challenge.
The Girls go head to head in the Challenge.

“That is savage,” Sam says.

The four Girls are met by host Laura Whitmore at the Survival Challenge. She says: “Sam, Mettisse, Jenny and Georgia, this is your Survival Challenge. This is the first time that the four of you are going against each other and it’s this challenge here today that determines who goes back to The Lodge. It’s all to play for. It’s this right now that proves your worth to the Girls’ team.”

The aim of the challenge is for each Girl to make their way along an assault course collecting five hoops tied up along the way. Once they have collected them all, they must swim to the pontoon and throw the hoops onto the pole in front of them. The first player to get all five hoops on their pole will win.

The challenge is made up of three head-to-head two player rounds. The winners of the first two rounds will return to The Lodge. The losers will go into round three, which is a battle for survival. The loser of round three will leave immediately and will not return to The Lodge.

The Girls compete in the challenge, first in two head-to-head rounds before the losers of each round then go head-to-head in a tense final battle.

Who will lose the Survival Challenge, and their place in The Lodge?

Meanwhile, the Boys are relaxing and thinking about the four Girls currently battling it out.

“Those Girls are out there, all four of them fighting against each other to come back here. That is savage,” James says. “Imagine if Jenny didn’t come back.”

 The Girls go head to head in the Challenge.
The Girls go head to head in the Challenge.

“Whoever doesn’t come back, those four Girls have been in here for a good stint of time. It’s going to change the dynamic massively,” James says.

In the Tree House, Tristan is worrying about Mettisse: “I’m gutted that Mettisse is in this position, because I don’t feel like she deserves to be in this position. And knowing that we are the ones that have put her there is devastating.”

One Girl will not be returning to The Lodge. Who will lose and how will this affect The Lodge, relationships and Girls’ Team?

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 10pm on ITV2

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