Survival Of The Fittest's Jenny West and James Middleton enjoy dinner date

Jenny James cheers.

Survival Of The Fittest's Jenny West and James Middleton enjoy a special date tonight.

In this evening's episode, Georgia and Jenny are relaxing on the day beds.

Jenny tells Georgia that she fancies someone in The Lodge: “Basically I realised about four days ago that I like someone here. Really like somebody.”

“James?” Georgia asks.

Jenny smiles: “If he gives me a hug, I start to feel really happy. When I’m around him, I feel safe. Literally, the next day Sam came in and she kissed him.”

Jenny says she fancies James.
Jenny says she fancies James.

After a dramatic few days in The Lodge – and ahead of another Replacement – Jenny and James enjoy some dinner away from the rest of the group.

In the Tree House, James says: “If this is my last night at The Lodge, it will be an amazing one because Jenny is awesome and I get on with her super well... I’m really, really happy.”

James tells Jenny: “You’re looking stunning tonight… You’re clever, you’re pretty, you’ve got nice teeth, you’re very funny.”

James admits to Jenny that he thought she was “rowdy” at the beginning. Jenny tells James that she thought he was “just a posh tw*t.”

“And then we found each other,” James tells her.

James tells Jenny: “I don’t understand [how you don’t have guys falling at your feet] – You have this amazing personality, obviously incredible body. These compliments are just rolling off my tongue…”

“Keep them coming, this is the best date of my life!” Jenny tells him.

Jenny conjures up the courage to tell James how she feels: “When I first met you, I just thought you were a nice guy and that was kind of it. Then I discovered that I like you. I notice that when I come into a room, I’ll be automatically looking for you.”

How will James take the news of another admirer and will he reciprocate Jenny’s feelings?


Meanwhile at The Lodge, Georgia tells Callum, Mariam and Joel that Jenny told her earlier that she fancies James. Callum then tells Sam.

In the Tree House, Sam says: “She has got on with him since the first day they’ve been here… Leave them to it but I’m just going to keep my wits about me.”

Does this spell trouble ahead for Sam and James? And will it cause tension for Jenny, Sam and the Girls’ team?

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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