Survival Of The Fittest teams become gold diggers in their latest challenge


The Survival Of The Fittest teams become gold diggers for their latest challenge tonight.

In this evening's episode, James gets a message: “Teams, today’s Reward Challenge is called ‘Gold Diggers.’ Each team must now pick one member of their own team and one member from the opposition to go head-to-head in this two versus two challenge.”

The Boys and Girls break off to have team talks.

The Girls decide that Jenny would be best to represent their team and the Boys choose Tristan.

Tristan tells the Boys: “I’d like to see Sydney do it. I’d like to go against her. I’d love to beat her.”


Jenny says: “I think I would choose Tristan. I don’t think he’d be as strong as me in terms of physical strength.”

Mettisse says: “The second boy that I would pick because he is weaker and he does mess up in the challenges is David.”

Because the Boys put Tristan forward to represent their team, the Girls choose David to be the other Boy to take part in the Reward Challenge.

So it’s Jenny and Sydney versus Tristan and David.

In the Tree House, David says: “We’re going to teach a few lessons today. There’s been a bit of chit chat, we need to nip it in the bud and make the Girls realise who the real bosses are around here… The Girls are going down today… The Lundy is excited for every challenge ever thrown at him.”

In the Tree House, Jenny says: “I will do whatever it takes to win.”

In the Tree House, Tristan says: “I’m very excited to take Sydney and Jenny down, especially Sydney.”

In the Tree House, Sydney says: “The Girls are going to win – 100 per cent.”

The Boys and Girls arrive at the challenge and are faced with two sandpits - one per team. Buried in the sandpits are a number of sacks - some contain gold, others are just full of dirt. The nominated members of each team must work as a tag team to locate and empty the gold from the sacks onto a set of weighing scales. The first team to retrieve five sacks of gold will win the reward.


It’s a tough challenge as the Boys and Girls go head-to-head to dig for gold.

Jenny says how hard it is and Tristan admits it’s the hardest thing has has ever done in his life.

But who will come out on top? The Girls have had a successful few days at the challenges but the Boys’ determination is stronger than ever. Can the Girls win or will the Boys defeat them?

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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