Survival Of The Fittest contestants get down and dirty in new challenge

The Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.

The Survival Of The Fittest contestants get very dirty in tonight's show with a brand new challenge.

The boys and Girls go head to head in a brand new reward challenge.

Georgia gets a message: “Teams, today you will take part in a Reward Challenge called ‘Clear as Mud.’ Each team must now choose two members from the opposite team to compete.”

The Boys and Girls split to talk team tactics. The Boys decide to go for the Girls they think would be the weakest in this challenge and choose Lottie and Mariam. The Girls choose Ryan and James.

“I’ve got this, I live on a farm so I’ll be amazing at this,” Lottie warns.

The Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.
The Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.
The Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.
The Boys and Girls face off in a Challenge.

In the Tree House, Mariam says: “We are the underdogs and they have no idea what they have got themselves into so bring it on!”

Lottie adds: “They’ve underestimated us massively.”

The challenge sees the nominated members of each team have to dig for symbols in a large mud pit before putting them together to crack the correct code. The Girls are desperate to get another win for the team but how will the Boys fair this time?

Elsewhere tonight, the Girls spend some quality time together and enjoy a safari.

Ahead of the impending Replacement where one Boy will leave The Lodge, Georgia says to the Girls: “The Boys are scared,” and they all chant, “It’s all about girl power!”

On the safari, the Girls are enjoying looking at the elephants.

“It reminds me of something to be honest!” Mariam jokes about Callum.

Girls on safari.
Girls on safari.

Talk moves on to David. Georgia says: “I’ll just wrap David around my finger until I get to victory and do it for the Girls.

"All my life, I’ve been the one who has been messed about by Boys so I’ll play the game back and to be honest, I wouldn’t put it past David to be playing the game as well.”

So with some Girls forming genuine connections with the Boys and others manipulating them for the game, how will this affect trust within the group?

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9.30pm on ITV2

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