Survival Of The Fittest results! One girl gets sent home in surprise twist

The girls

The first elimination takes place in tonight's Survival Of The Fittest, as one girl is sent home.

And there's a twist as the boys get a say in who goes.

In this evening's episode, Laura Whitmore walks across the bridge to The Lodge.

“I am here to talk to you about the team challenge yesterday, ‘Stop the Clock.’ As you know Boys, you won and Girls because you lost yesterday’s challenge you were all vulnerable, except for Lottie [who entered today]. One of you is about to leave The Lodge.”

Laura reveals that the public have been voting for who they think should keep their place in the Girls team and reveals the three Girls with the fewest votes.

The results
The results

Laura turns to the Boys and says: “Boys, the fate of the Girls is now in your hands. As a team you must now decide which Girl should be replaced. That girl will leave The Lodge tonight and will be replaced by another Girl tomorrow morning. Boys it’s time to make your decision…”

The Boys have a big decision to make… but who will be the first Girl to be replaced and leave The Lodge?

Ahead of the announcement, the boys had attempted to talk to tactics.

David said: “We need to get set on whether we’re going to vote on who we get on with, or are we going to go with thinking the long game. I’d vote Jenny I think.”

“But it’s not always going to be physical and Jen is good craic,” James reminded him.

Warren added: “Tia might have done poor at that challenge, but on the next one she might smash it.”

“I wouldn’t like to vote the strongest person out just because she is the strongest. I want to vote the person out who I don’t think is really tight with the group,” Callum said.

Meanwhile, the girls prepared for the elimination.

The girls and boys
The girls and boys

Jenny said: “Tonight has been a massive distraction and I’ve just realized that one of us is going tonight… We’ve had the best evening. We are a pack.”

Tia says in the Tree House: “I’d be gutted if it was me that leaves The Lodge tonight. I haven’t been here long enough and I’d feel like somewhat of a failure maybe.”

Jenny says, “I just want to say, regardless of what happens tonight, it’s been a pleasure.” The girls all cheer each other.

Survival of the Fittest tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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