Survival of the Fittest 2018 results! First girl is evicted in brutal twist

Who left first?

Survival of The fittest results girls

Tonight's Survival of the Fittest 2018 results are in with the first girl evicted in a twist.

In this evening's episode, host Laura Whitmore walked across the bridge to The Lodge.

She said: “I am here to talk to you about the team challenge yesterday, ‘Stop the Clock.’ As you know Boys, you won and Girls because you lost yesterday’s challenge you were all vulnerable, except for Lottie [who entered today]. One of you is about to leave The Lodge.”

Laura revealed that the public had been voting for who they think should keep their place in the Girls team and revealed the three Girls with the fewest votes.

These were Mariam Musa, Tia Latham and Georgia Cole.

The girls
The girls

Laura turned to the Boys and said: “Boys, the fate of the Girls is now in your hands. As a team you must now decide which Girl should be replaced.

"That girl will leave The Lodge tonight and will be replaced by another Girl tomorrow morning. Boys it’s time to make your decision…”

The Boys chose to send Tia Latham home.

She was able to say her goodbyes before leaving The Lodge.

After her exit, Tia said of her time on the show: "Amazing. I couldn’t have imagined anything like it. The people that I met, the whole experience. I’ve got a few battle wounds that say, 'I did that.'

"After a while you forget that the cameras are there and you start settling in. I think on the first morning I woke up, I farted. I really settled in! All the girls were cracking up, it was hilarious!"

Tia continued: "I really bonded with Jenny and she was my ally in The Lodge. I got a really positive energy about her and I just clicked with her. She put her bravest face forward and she just did it and that’s like me, I put my bravest face forward and just do it. She had a really caring heart like I do so I really gravitated towards her.


"I got along with everybody, I was always cracking jokes."

A new girl will join The Lodge to replace Tia later this year.

Survival of the Fittest continues nightly at 9pm on ITV2

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