Superstar live show seven - recap and highlights

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Roger Wright

Five finalists became four in Superstar last night, as another live show meant another elimination.

It was long-haired rocker Nathan James who got the boot, after being in the bottom two along with Roger Wright.

Here's a run down of the performances and comments from the judges...

Nathan James from Reading sang Born This Way by Lady Gaga;

Melanie C said: ‘That was a perfect song for you, you could always start the show with a bang.”

Dawn French said: “I really do believe you were born that way, you are riding high and you are mind blowingly talented. For me personally, I think you would make a perfect Judas; that is the part I think you’re right for.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “Nathan your voice is amazing but I think you need to love the song more than you love yourself. Why do you keep tweeting the things you keep tweeting, I worry what you’re going to be like in rehearsal and why did you tweet a picture of yourself wearing a crown of thorns?”

Roger Wright from East London sang Handbags and Gladrags by Manfred Mann/Stereophonics;

Jason Donovan said: “ That was very smooth, the actual song and vocal suited you, there was charm, charisma and warmth and the acting is getting so much better. It’s when you let go it’s when you come alive.”

Dawn French said: “You completely please my heart and completely believe you when you sing, something shines through you which is so important for this role.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You are a real performer, I think you will take direction and you have the inner glow that is needed.”

David Hunter from Warrington sang Too Close by Alex Clare;

Melanie C said: “This song is very current and a brave song choice. One of my favourite things about you is that you completely inhabit your performance, it’s very powerful.”

Dawn French said: “You are so composed and I watch only you when you’re on that stage, you craft the song incredibly well, and I know that Andrew is looking for someone very fit and you are very fit….. and very fit.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You have fantastic charisma and you’d be lovely in this role.”

Rory Taylor from The Wirral sang Under Pressure by Queen;

Melanie C said: “It was your most challenging song to date, but I could listen to you all day.”

Jason Donovan said: “In terms of all round performance and your massive vocal range and that was the performance of the evening. It was powerful, you have a fantastic vocal tone and charisma, I do think you can deliver the part.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “Land of hope of glory… You’re fantastic Rory, so far that is the performance of the night.”

Ben Forster from Sunderland sang It Must Have Been Love by Roxette;

Melanie C said: “You’re an absolute sweetheart and for me right now you are my Jesus.”

Dawn French said: “You took an 80’s ballad but you made it sound like a huge James Bond theme tune, it was a confident performance of a champ.”

Jason Donovan said: “Each performance is one of a kind performance, It comes from the heart and we’re feeling you’re emotion.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I have one word to say about your performance….. awesome.”

Superstar will be back tonight, Tuesday 24th July at 2100hrs on ITV1.

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