Superstar live show six - recap and highlights

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Roger Wright

The Superstar contestants performed live again this evening, and for two of them it was the end of the road.

In a double elimination Jon Moses and Jeff Anderson left the show, as the final five were revealed.

Jon Moses from Newcastle sang Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2;

Melanie C said: “You were in great voice tonight, I have been concerned on your higher notes but it was good tonight.”

Jason Donovan said: “That was a beautiful tender interpretation of a classic song, my only concern is that you should just go for it a little bit more, you need to blow us away.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You were a bit sharp in places, I hate to say this, I didn’t get Jesus of Nazereth, I got Jesus of Las Vegas.”

Jeff Anderson from Newtonards, Northern Ireland sang Whole Lotta Love by Lez Zepellin;

Dawn French said: “Wow, wow Jeff, you is one sexy Jesus, that was fantastic and how dignified you are you after last night and retaliating like that with that performance, you have come on so much this week, you’re a mammoth talent.”

Jason Donovan said: “Sexy Jeffy baby, finally we’re seeing you coming out of your shell. “

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “The energy was from you tonight instead of the dancers and you released your inner rock god”

Roger Wright from East London sang Feeling Good by Nina Simone;

Melanie C said: An absolutely great song for you and I love seeing so much expression on your face.”

Dawn French said: “Is it a new Dawn you’re looking for? What I heard was a public proposal. It’s show 9 and you are shining so brightly.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You radiate an inner glow.”

Ben Forster from Sunderland sang Cold As Ice by Foreigner;

Melanie C said: “I just don’t know where you can go from here, it’s ridiculous, you’re amazing.”

Dawn French said: “Sunderland’s finest is on a roll, it was a very courageous performance and great chair walking.”

Jason Donovan said: “The standard of this competition is off the scale, that was intelligent, articulated, you give 100%, you could win this competition.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber: “You have grown the most in this competition and the one thing you do is completely convince us of the story, whilst you’re singing you remain yourself and make it your own.”

Rory from The Wirral sang Silenced By The Night by Keane;

Melanie C said: “That was a beautiful song from you.”

Dawn French said: That is you rising again to the top, so focused and so simple, I think we saw the real you tonight.”

Jason Donovan said: “You were right in the zone tonight, you have a very unique vocal, it reaches out and touches you, I really hope people keep you in this competition.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “It was a fabulous vocal, we’ve now had four fabulous vocals in a row from you.”

David Hunter from Warrington sang Apologize by Timbaland;

Melanie C said: “You are so fantastic, you are one of our strongest vocalist and every time you perform it moves me.”

Jason Donovan said: The narrative played to your strengths and you sold that song so well, you are so unique, you come back fighting every night and I really hope you go all the way.”

Dawn French said: “There’s no bull about you, you’re completely effective and a thoroughly modern Jesus.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: You’re a fantastic actor and you’re a fantastic vocalist.”

Nathan James from Reading sang Sweet Child of Mine by Guns n Roses;

Dawn French said: “That was phenomenal, yet again the song is no problem, you conquered it, plus when you perform you cannot take my eyes off you, you’re an eye magnet.”

Superstar continues on Monday night on ITV1.

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