Superstar live show four - recap and highlights

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David Hunter

The latest Superstar live show saw yet another elimination as the contestants continued to sing for the public's vote.

Tim Prottey-Jones became the latest singer to get the axe, while special guests the Kaiser Chiefs performed.

Niall Sheehy from County Wicklow, Ireland sang One by U2;

Dawn French said: “You are have to be more robust, you have to come out fighting.”

Jason Donovan said: “You got your rhythm back, you were good tonight but not outstanding, there was a few tuning problems’

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You’re looking more like a star, I did worry about your pitch tonight, if you do get to play Jesus, you have to be 100% fit but you’re learning all the time and I hope you go further”.

Rory from The Wirral sang Roxanne by The Police;

Melanie C said: “You keep getting better and better and better, I’ve been looking forward to this song and you did not disappoint, you’re my daughters favourite.”

Dawn French said: “Every single time you step up and deliver you’re utterly bankable, cute and powerful at the same time.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: ‘We’re never going to be disappointed by your voice, I can only advise you to think about the lyrics.”

David Hunter from Warrington sang One Day Like This by Elbow;

Jason Donovan said: “That was a performance of survival, you are what I love about this competition, you give 100% to the acting side of it, you’re consistent and you’re believable.”

Dawn French said: “You acquitted yourself so well there, you live to sing again, I’m so shocked you’re in the bottom two, to me you are the triple threat in this competition.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “That was a song about joy and you delivered everything, it showed tonight how good an actor you are because you do have to go on stage when things are wrong and tonight you acted every part of that song,

Ben Forster from Sunderland sang This Love by Maroon 5;

Melanie C said: “You’re an incredible singer, you’re really pushing yourself and you’re getting a new kind of sound and you’re becoming one of my favourites.”

Dawn French said: “I know you’re a pop singer but I think you need to open your eyes more, I need to see them.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber: “Your performance was truly truly outstanding, I think it was performance of the night so far and you’ve set the bar very high.”

Jon Moses from Newcastle sang I Won’t Let You Go by James Morrison;

Melanie C said: “What a big improvement on last night, you’re back in the game, you do need to work on your high voice though’

Dawn French said: “Honest Jon, that’s you, you have a massive surprising voice, quite operatic in places.”

Jason Donovan said: “You look like your really enjoying yourself, I don’t think you’re in control with your falsetto, but the performance was great.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “It was really great to see you smile, I have one bit of advice, you have to be careful not to adapt the song to fit you, you have to make yourself fit the song.”

Nathan James from Reading sang How To Save A Life by The Fray;

Melanie C said: that was the tenderest performance we’ve seen from you.”

Jason Donovan said: “Wow, simple and less is more with you, I believed every single second of that. Timing is important and with that song, I think that was perfect timing for you.”

Dawn French said: “That was effortless, now is the start for you of a dignified humility, that’s the first time I thought you could play the role of Jesus.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: ‘What I find exciting is that you have taken everything on board that we’ve said, you believed in the material and believed in the words and it really showed.”

Roger Wright from East London sang Here I Go Again by Whitesnake;

Dawn French said: “Wow Roger, you can really rock out, thank you so much for expressing yourself to me, you’re so classy.”

Jason Donovan said: I have got a big smile on my face, that was so much fun, right balance between soul and rock, one of the best performances of the evening

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: It’s great to see you move, I know all about your voice it’s wonderful, you are such a front runner”.

Tim Prottey-Jones from Birmingham sang Dream On by Aerosmith;

Melanie C said: “That was absolutely your best performance, you and David should not be in the bottom two.”

Jason Donovan said: “You completely deserve to be in this competition.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You are first rate and I would like to say that I would like to be spirited away right now ahead of my decision.”

Jeff Anderson from Newtonards, Northern Ireland sang Kiss From A Rose by Seal;

Jason Donovan said: “You were a little tentative to begin with, there was a lot of passion in there, you really delivered tonight though and I think you should feel good about that performance.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “It was a little bit pitchy but you are emerging as a real performer with light and shade, well done.”

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