Superstar live show three - recap and highlights

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Roger Wright

The third instalment of Superstar this evening saw the second elimination, as Dirk was sent home, and the final nine performed for a third time.

Roger Wright from East London sang More Than Words by Extreme;

Melanie C said: “I think you’re back to your best, so tender and heartfelt.”

Dawn French said: “I’m floating in a bath of hot Rogerness, you are just runny honey. You sang it with great grace.”

Jason Donovan said: “I think honestly, potentially, you have a chance to go all the way, it was simple and heartfelt, a bit pitchy at the beginning and I don’t think the strong stretched you enough but well done.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “That was truly beautiful and I think even better than the original, you delivered everything I asked and you have a strong chance of going all the way in this competition.”

Nathan James from Reading sang To Be With You by Mr Big;

Melanie C said: “You had some personal comments last night which is difficult for any person and it made you quite vulnerable and now we’ve seen your softer side… perfect”

Jason Donovan said: “I know you weren’t happy with my comments last night but I was only being honest with you. What you have done tonight, you’ve gone beyond, you’ve listened, and you’re back on course.”

Dawn French said: “You are without doubt a born performer, I know you had some criticism but don’t let it knock your confidence, I think the comments you had propelled you into that heartfelt performance.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “There is no doubt you’ve got a god given voice and I can see you performing as one side of Jesus in the theatre but I’ve yet to see a side of self doubt in you as Jesus had, and that’s what I need to see”

Rory from The Wirral sang Dakota by Stereophonics;

Jason Donovan said: “Yesterday Andrew said you were a superstar, I don’t think it was your strongest performance so far and I want to see more of the acting side of you, when you walk on the stage there is a presence about you, you just have that energy, it’s exciting to watch

Dawn French said: “You make my heart sore, I totally trust you, you’re a consistent performer.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I have a new word… Arenability – I think you’d rip any arena apart, you’re untrained and I think we have discovered a major star.”

Jon Moses from Newcastle sang I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner;

Melanie C said: “I don’t feel you were as comfortable singing that song but you were seen as the underdog, but not anymore.”

Dawn French said: “You astonished me last night and you are demanding that none of us over look you, you are overtaking a lot of people, I can feel you know what that song means.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “The problem is, you approached this with tragedy and it’s a love song, think of the words, don’t approach every song with the thought that we’re going to be negative about you.”

David Hunter from Warrington sang You Got The Love by Candi Statton

Jason Donovan said: “You really rise to the occasion and that was a difficult song to sing, but I was inspired tonight, it was a unique performance, I’m a little confused.”

Dawn French said: “I was worried in rehearsal for you but tonight you were amazing, your comments have been fantastic but be careful not to get complacent.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You did extremely well, but you mustn’t turn into the thinking man’s rock star, remember – arenability..”

Melanie C said: “I absolutely adore you and I was nervous about that song but it was extraordinary, you acted it, you sang it, I’m a bit speechless.”

Ben Forster from Sunderland sang Everybody Hurts by REM;

Melanie C said: “What an incredible performance, it’s such a big song, you pulled it off, that was the most emotion I’ve heard in your voice, I feel a bit teary”.

Jason Donovan said: “You are a professional, you get into the zone you take risks and you’re brave, and you coloured the song and told us the story. You keep coming up with the goods.”

Dawn French said: “That was proper grown up emoting, you sang it brilliantly”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: It was thrilling, you dramatised that song perfectly.”

Tim Prottey-Jones from Birmingham sang Time Is Running Out by Muse;

Melanie C said: “Great song and you absolutely did it justice.”

Dawn French said: “I have big, big, big huge love for you, it was fantastically insane. I want you to trust this whole process, you have the most expressive and wonderful face.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: I didn’t quite get the sense of drowning as the song suggests and I’d like to se some more light and shade in your performance and maybe a song without the scream.”

Jeff Anderson from Newtonards, Northern Ireland sang How You Remind Me by Nickelback;

Dawn French said: “That was so impressive and I find you so irresistible, a very mature performance, keep it up you hairy beardy man.”

Melanie C said: “Your voice… I love it, you have a natural rock voice, that was my favourite performance of yours so far.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “The baby’s come out of the manger. I felt you were talking to me in that performance, it was well thought through and by far your best performance so far”.

Niall Sheehy from County Wicklow, Ireland sang Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson;

Dawn French said: “That was so much better Niall! You need to relax and let us know who you really are, we need you to shine.”

Melanie C said: Of all the songs you’ve had to perform, that was the hardest and you sang it the best. Have confidence

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “that’s the first time I’ve seen you fight on stage and not rely on your charm. You really have confidence and we need to see that more”.

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