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Ben Forster

The second live show of ITV1's Superstar saw the results of the first elimination, while the final 10 contestants performed once more for the public vote.

Dirk and Afnan found themselves in the bottom two after receiving the lowest number of votes from the public. They sang Memories from Cats and Andrew saved Dirk.

Ben Forster from Sunderland sang She Said by Plan B;

Melanie C said: “That was fantastic and it will be difficult to top”.

Jason Donovan said: “Tonight you haven’t disappointed, it was cool, calm, you were in control and that’s so important in a performer”.

Dawn French said: “I want you to stay in this competition, your face is quite stern, not very Jesusy”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You have a fantastic voice and are going to go a long way in this competition.”

Tim Prottey-Jones from Birmingham sang The First Cut Is The Deepest by Cat Stephens;

Melanie C said: “There was very small pitchy moments, but your falsetto is so impressive but it’s not the only thing you can do, you have so many tones throughout the range of your voice”.

Jason Donovan said: “I agree with Mel in regards to your pitching, the energy of this audience has lifted you another notch, you have to believe in yourself and you’ll go a long way”.

Dawn French said: “I really want you to believe in yourself as you are a significant contender in this completion, you sang that song so beautifully.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You said it you didn’t want to sing this song, but when you’re in the theatre you have to sing songs you’re not keen on. In rehearsal you didn’t connect with the song but tonight you really did. You got it right this evening and I think you’ll go a long way in this competition.”

Rory from The Wirral sang Stronger by Kelly Clarkson;

Melanie C said: “I’m not a fan of this song, but you can sing anything, you are such a great singer and a natural performer - what I can’t wait to see is your emotional side.”

Jason Donovan said: “Rory you are a rock star, I get shivers, I want to be in your club - I think you’re in control and you don’t have to try too hard. Just one small criticism, you should try and be a little bit sexier.”

Dawn French said: “You’re a power house and I sense that you don’t like singing pop songs but it shows massive maturity putting your choices aside and wrangle that song to suit you.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I made notes in rehearsals, fantastic recording voice but will he cut it on stage and I don’t know if it’s the live band or the wonderful choreography environment but you are a superstar”.

Nathan James from Reading sang Dedicated To My Ex by Lloyd;

Melanie C said: “I think we're always going to get an incredible vocal from you, that was a very confident performance.”

Jason Donovan said: “Jesus was apparently full of self doubt but you're not full of self doubt, but I do worry just be careful between being confident and cocky, as an actor you need to make people fall in love with you, just make sure you embrace the actor within.”

Dawn French said: “you are mesmerizing, very good strutting work, extraordinary panting, great tambourine work. One thing I would say is in this competition; always be true to yourself.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I have to say that one thing we've seen so far is your rock voice and if it’s one thing you do, you do it superbly.”

Roger Wright from East London sang Part Of Me by Katy Perry;

Melanie C said: “People see you as a wild card in this competition and there’s a natural edge to your voice

Dawn French said: “Really Roger you are very powerful and solid but this song wasn’t quite your department and like a jacket that didn’t quite fit you, you need it to fit you properly and I will fit that jacket for you”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “Your energy level was brilliant and your smile came out in this song, I know you come from a gospel background and your voice is extraordinary and I’d love you to play Jesus.”

Dirk Johnston from Crieff in Scotland sang Titanium by David Guetta;

Jason Donovan said: I’ll be really honest with you and I admire you coming back from being in the bottom two but I don’t think that song suited you. It was a little pitchy and a difficult song to interpret, you need to release the beast and you need to rock out and I’m not seeing the edginess

Dawn French said: You came alive there and it takes courage to sing that song.”

Melanie C said: It must have been difficult emotionally to be able to pick yourself up, good job.”

Jeff Anderson from Newtonards, Northern Ireland sang Mr Brightside by The Killers;

Jason Donovan said: “It is incredible everyone has gone up a notch and there’s a lot of love here, I just want a bit more passion, I wanted you to dig a little deeper, you were slightly struggling.”

Dawn French said: “That was ambitious to change the melody, well done. You are blessed that the camera really loves you.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I thought you did very well, I think you will grow as we go on, you are internalising things a little bit and you need to let things out.”

Niall Sheehy from County Wicklow, Ireland sang The Man That Can’t Be Moved by The Script;

Jason Donovan said: “I think that wasn’t a bad performance, there was some control issues with the performance, you really need to connect with the lyrics, its important to tell a story and you weren’t quite connecting.”

Dawn French said: “You are wonderfully open and I don’t know if you liked that song but you’re very good at pretending.”

Melanie C said: “We saw more of the cheeky chappy, there was one dodgy note but you recovered quickly.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I’m not absolutely certain that you’re right for this role, you remind me of David Essex in God Spell, I’d love you to come out of your shell a bit more”.

Jon Moses from Newcastle sang I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt;

Melanie C said: “I believed every single word you sang, you worked with the tones in that song beautifully.”

Jason Donovan said: “I enjoyed it because you enjoyed it, you shone tonight.”

Dawn French said: “Tonight there you were alone and you totally carried it, you felt it and it was totally endearing.”

David Hunter from Warrington sang Nothings Real But Love by Rebecca Ferguson;

Jason Donovan said: They’ve saved the best till last, you tell the story, you inhabit the song, and I think you have a long long way to go.”

Dawn French said: “You have a fantastic ability to make the intention of the song really clear, you rock.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “It was an outstanding performance, you took in everything we talked about, you sold the song brilliantly, you were tremendous tonight.”

Melanie C said: “You were born to perform, it was such a pleasure to watch.”

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