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Nathan James

The Superstar live shows kicked off tonight on ITV1, with the final 11 contestants singing for the public vote for the first time.

Dawn French arrived onto the judging panel while Jon Moses was given a life line by Andrew and went from ‘reserve’ to our 11th Jesus contender.

The final 11 performed on stage for the first time and the viewers will now vote for their favourite, with the first elimination will be at the start of tomorrow’s live show.

David Hunter from Warrington sang ‘Forget You’ by Cee Lo Green

Melanie C said: “It’s fair to say you had the toughest job opening the show but what an opener. You are such a strong vocalist and have such a unique style.”

Jason Donovan said: “You’re a natural on stage and you’re doing that principle thing by telling a story from your heart… brilliant.”

Dawn French said: “How exciting for you and what a massive vote of confidence, and may I say… what excellent tight trousers”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “It was absolutely fantastic, may I say you ooze charisma and that was fantastic”.

Dirk Johnston from Crieff in Scotland sang ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Bob Dylan/Adele

Melanie C said: “Dirk you are such a gentle soul and that was a beautiful performance, your pitch and tone was absolutely sublime.”

Dawn French said: “I was definitely feeling the love. Adele made that her song, but you made that yours, it was such a clear interpretation.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “That was wonderfully sung, but I would like to get more from you on the acting side.”

Nathan James from Reading sang ‘Sign Your Name’ by Terence Trent Darby

Melanie C said: “I have to say you are one of the most incredible vocalists I’ve ever heard, it’s such so easy with you, it’s a real gift you have.”

Jason Donovan said: “Nathan you are confident, sensual, and sexy, the way you layered that song was amazing, you really made it your own.”

Dawn French said: “You really took your moment there and it was a nice surprise to see you singing so smoothly, I’m looking forward to watching you.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “It’s the vulnerability we need to see, but you have over confidence, you have a god given rock voice but we need to see a softer side?”

Ben Forster from Sunderland sang ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ by Gotye

Melanie C said: “Technically that is a very difficult song to sing, I hate singing lying down but that didn’t faze you at all, it was emotional and dynamic.”

Jason Donovan said: ‘You sung it so well, it was giving me shivers, you were in control and you could see that you were enjoying yourself.”

Dawn French said: “I didn’t know that song, but I do live under a rock! I loved the song and my goodness, you have a phenomenal range - I hope you can still have babies after that high note.”

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “That song is about anger and I wish I had picked up a little more of the loneliness of that song in your voice, but an amazing performance and voice.”

Niall Sheehy from County Wicklow, Ireland sang ‘Stay’ by Hurts

Jason Donovan said: “I cannot believe the standard of this competition, every act that comes along gets better and better, you have great look and innocence about you – you’re very likeable, that’s a great asset to have as a human being and a performer”.

Dawn French said: “You also have a winning vulnerability, something of the Lee Mead about you which is a good thing, and remember Niall…..Lee married one of the judges”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “Extraordinary performances tonight, partly due to the incredible live band”.

Tim Prottey-Jones from Birmingham sang ‘Stone Cold Sober’ by Paloma Faith

Melanie C said: “I think you are one of the most musical contenders in this competition and what a transformation you have made over the weeks in training.”

Jason Donovan said: “Tim you came out fighting, that was a fantastic falsetto.”

Dawn French said: “Tim that was such a surprise, I really like you and I didn’t expect to see you smoulder like that, I wish you had as much faith in you as I do”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I have a funny feeling that you are what this programme is all about, you could change the whole perception of the way Jesus is cast in the future”.

Roger Wright from East London sang ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ by Procul Harum

Melanie C said: “What a voice, everyone knows I love Roger and you have a lot of dignity in your performance which is what Jesus had”.

Jason Donovan said: “You have such a wonderful tone to your voice, am sure it makes women melt, I did slightly feel that you were a bit apprehensive on some of the big notes

Dawn French said: “Oh Roger Roger Roger, yes indeed….. You are an extraordinarily imposing presence on that stage, you are a beautiful cat”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “ As a cat lover, you were pretty pretty good, you would sound amazing with Tim Minchin and I’m really proud to have you on the programme.

Jon Moses from Newcastle sang ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ by Kelly Clarkson

Melanie C said: “Sometimes there can be a bit of snobbery about where you come from but you have proven everyone wrong, I really respect how you fought for this place that you truly deserve.”

Jason Donovan said: “Jon you’ve been given a lifeline and you’re proof that when people pigeonhole, you absolutely blew us away, great song, great character”.

Dawn French said: “That was a belter of a performance, you completely deserve your place here and you should grab this opportunity by the ears and shake it about”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “It’s great to have you as the 11th man, the one thing of course you have to leave buttons behind you, the energy is what this songs about and it’s what you had”.

Afnan Iftikhar sang ‘Next To Me’ by Emile Sande

Jason Donovan said: “I think you’ve grown a lot since we first met, you gave a lot of energy and lots of light, shade and charisma, it was all there”.

Dawn French said: “I really enjoyed that and you have a real twinkle, just when I thought you were going to over-act you pulled it right back, well done”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “You’re a bit of a puppy but we want more inner rock and a bit more grit. Having said that it was a great performance, great first time on the show

Jeff Anderson from Newtonards, Northern Ireland sang ‘Red’ by Daniel Merriweather

Melanie C said: “For me I forget your age, when you’re in the moment, magic happens and you’re a great talent”.

Jason Donovan said: “Jeff you are the youngest member – our baby Jesus and you have a beautiful voice, you sung it relatively well.”

Dawn French said: “I’m impressed you’ve come ‘as Jesus’, I had to be told that you’re just 21 yrs old as you perform as someone much older than that”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “The thing you have to do is inhabit your own skin, you have to be more comfortable in yourself but it was a great performance”.

Rory from The Wirral sang ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way’ by Lenny Kravitz

Melanie C said: “I think we saw Rory the rock star tonight, very comfortable, great energy, great vocals and very sexy”

Jason Donovan said: “What a great way to finish the show, you have an amazing rock technique, I’m looking forward to seeing other genres from you”.

Dawn French said: “What a little firecracker you are, huge shoes to fill there but you are so solid, you completely shone through”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said: “I’m struggling to think of a musical theatre star that could do that tonight, you were completely in your own skin there, fantastic.”

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