Superstar news: Top 20 perform at Andrew Lloyd-Webber's house

Andrew Lloyd Webber (Superstar)

The Final 20 contestants in Superstar perform for Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber at his house in Majorca tonight.

“I’m exactly 5ft away from them in the open air, this about a raw a situation as you could give any artist – just a guitar and just their voice” says Andrew.

“Choose the most scariest moment of your life when you could perform in front of anyone and it would be Andrew Lloyd Webber” says [tag]Dirk Johnson[/tag], 24 from Scotland.

“Last week I was desperate to get in front of Andrew and now it’s a nightmare, I wish it wasn’t happening” says a nervous [tag]David Hunter[/tag] who is singing Lego House by Ed Sheeran.

“Being the youngest here, every step is blowing me away” says [tag]Jeff Anderson[/tag], 21 from Belfast who is singing Don’t Speak by No Doubt

The finalists sing a track from the below selection;

Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
Ed Sheeran – Lego House
No Doubt – Don’t Speak
Will Young – Leave Right Now
James Morrison – Broken Strings

Some of the finalists are not showing Andrew their true potential. “They just need to rock out” says Andrew as he pushes them further to give him a strong vocal.

[tag]Afnan Iftikhar[/tag], 23 from North Sheilds is worried by his song choice. “I’m singing Use Somebody, but I’m worried that it’s such a well know song that you tend to sing like the original artist and I’d like to bring some of my own personality to the song – I need to step up”.

Last up is [tag]Tim Prottey-Jones[/tag], 32 from Birmingham who once played Jesus in an amateur production but he didn’t find it easy. “Appearing on stage with very little on absolutely terrified me, to the point of panic attacks, it was horrific”. “My wife had never seen me without a top on and that was the first time”. Tim starts to cry as emotions get too much for him.

Talking about Tim’s lack of self confidence, Andrew says “If charisma is something he feels he doesn’t have himself but if you don’t feel you have it yourself its hard to play a role like this”

Tim sings Lego House but has he conquered his confidence and self-belief?

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