Superstar hopeful Jonathan Ansell 'targeted by Twitter trolls'


Superstar hopeful Jonathan Ansell has told how he was targeted by online bullies at the weekend after his audition for the show aired.

The former G4 singer and X Factor contestant had impressed the judges at his first try out, and made it through to callbacks on Saturday night.

But many of those watching online didn't take to the performer, with some branding him cocky and arrogant.

“It was like an assault, I felt battered and bruised afterwards," Jonathan said after reading some of the messages.

He told The Sun: “It was shocking how many people targeted me with expletives.

“I was called all the worst names you can think of. You kind of just go, ‘wow’. I couldn’t believe some of the things that were being written."

He added: "Luckily, I’ve got a thick skin but it has stunned me.”

Superstar continues next Saturday on ITV1.

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