Superstar auditions see X Factor and G4 star Jonathan Ansell


The Superstar auditions hit telly tonight, and you reality telly fans may remember one of the contenders.

[tag]Jonathan Ansell[/tag] from The X Factor and G4 goes before the judges and makes it through to the callbacks.

He struggled with the high notes at his first audition with David Grindrod but hopes to prove himself to the judging panel at Callbacks.

“I’m delighted to have got through and be here today” smiles Jonathan who sings Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’.

Andrew is clearly impressed, “Stunning audition”.

“I hope all the panel can see I could be Jesus” says Jonathan.

Also appearing during this weekend's show is 24 year old [tag]Rory Taylor[/tag] from Liverpool. He’s currently in a band called 54321 who have residency at Liverpool’s famous The Cavern Club.

“I’m in a band called 54321, the boys were very wary of me doing this at first but they’ve given me their support and said go for it” says Rory.

“I don’t normally get nervous, but I am today” says Rory.

Rory goes on stage to be greeted by Melanie C, Jason Donovan and David Grindrod. Andrew’s impressed “Rather a good look”. He tells the panel that he’ll be singing Paul McCartney’s ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’.

After his performance he’s made Melanie C smile “He’s gorgeous, a hint of Leonardo Di’Caprio about him”. “Could he be Jesus?” asks Jason. “He’s got a hint of Rod Stewart about him” comments Andrew.

Has Rory done enough to go through to the next stage – Superstar Island?

Superstar airs tonight at 7:25PM on ITV1 and tomorrow at 8PM.